Buzzards Rock and Illchester tunnel hike – Patapasco

One of those trails with a splendid combination of river, streams, tunnels, rail-line, good elevation profile and lots of rocks! Kids absolutely loved it! [gallery size="large" ids="8368,8367,8366,8365,8364,8363,8362,8361,8360,8359,8356,8355,8354"] Garmin Connect GPX

Soapstone Trail – Patapsco

The trail we actually planned for had no parking spots left. Chanced upon Soapstone as we were driving back. A good 5mile loop with a decent elevation profile. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="8351,8350,8349"]   Garmin connect GPX

Red Run Woods

Took Appa out for a stroll. Shasta enjoyed a good bunch bobbling around the streams. [gallery size="large" ids="8344,8345,8346"]

Cascade falls hike – Patapsco

A good 2.5 mile long drive within the Patapsco state park gets you to the start point of this trail. A small climb up the hills and amidst thick foliage winds over and gets you to Cascade falls. Great weather and wonderful streams! [gallery size="medium" ids="8331,8332,8333,8334,8335,8336,8337,8338,8339"] Garmin Connect GPX

Weeknote 20 – Trails and Switches

A glimpse of the past week and the few things that captivated my attention: With the kids at home, weather mostly good and the lock-down lifted we did venture out a bit and got a lot of hikes in this week. We obviously had all masks on and avoided crowded spaces. Also had this sudden…