Thru Trail – Alberta Road Falls

Gloomy weather, impending rain and breezy forecast – Great way to kick off the weekend with a short hike. Meena didn’t get to see the falls last time we were on this trail. So we decided to head back here with Shasta in the carrier. Made it back home just in time before the thunder-storms…

Buzzards Rock and Illchester tunnel hike – Patapasco

One of those trails with a splendid combination of river, streams, tunnels, rail-line, good elevation profile and lots of rocks! Kids absolutely loved it! [gallery size="large" ids="8368,8367,8366,8365,8364,8363,8362,8361,8360,8359,8356,8355,8354"] Garmin Connect GPX

Soapstone Trail – Patapsco

The trail we actually planned for had no parking spots left. Chanced upon Soapstone as we were driving back. A good 5mile loop with a decent elevation profile. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="8351,8350,8349"]   Garmin connect GPX

Red Run Woods

Took Appa out for a stroll. Shasta enjoyed a good bunch bobbling around the streams. [gallery size="large" ids="8344,8345,8346"]

Cascade falls hike – Patapsco

A good 2.5 mile long drive within the Patapsco state park gets you to the start point of this trail. A small climb up the hills and amidst thick foliage winds over and gets you to Cascade falls. Great weather and wonderful streams! [gallery size="medium" ids="8331,8332,8333,8334,8335,8336,8337,8338,8339"] Garmin Connect GPX