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State of The Networks – Feb 2022

  • SSP 

A bi-yearly rundown on the state of the home-servers I run and applications I host on the cloud. Published while listening to: Mist of Capricorn ( Manavyalakincharadate ) | Agam

A few major changes since the last September update:

  • During the Jan trip, I moved the Odroid XU4 and NCP over to MD. Thanks to WireGuard, I can still access these remotely super seamlessly!
  • Brought in the RPi4 NC to the same WireGuard network. Lesser maintenance!
  • Not quite using the Navidrome and Calibre-web setup as much. Definitely nice to have though.
  • Setup a couple Matrix Bridges. Ansible is pretty awesome! Need to front the Snikket instance I setup in Jan when I have the mind-space.
  • I think I’m liking Caddy better than Traefik!

Next few months, I’ll probably focus a bit more on SSH hardening, implement more robust Firewalls and automating the backups.



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