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January 6, 2022 06:09

Built this robust scooter for little S last evening. Absolutely love how intricate these infento kits can get. Kept both of us engaged for more than four hours. The scooter should keep her occupied for a few days…or not…

January 6, 2022 06:33

Most repulsive moment of the day yesterday was to pay 40x for an RT-PCR test – as compared to the test I’d taken just a few days ago. So repulsive that I fumingly shred the papers in tiny bits and walked out of the queue just looking at that number and knowing fairly well I didn’t quite have any other options…only to rejoin the queue half an hour later since guess what? – I’d absolutely no other options. Sucked big-time and now I’d also wasted a few more hours of precious time with family. Pandemic travel tales, I guess. The looming snow storms better not mess this up further!


Ha! Good one DietPi 😀

Copy paste

Epic moment of the day – Appa was finding it difficult to copy part of a text message on his phone. So I helped him select the content, copied the text and handed over the phone back to him asking him to paste it wherever he wanted to paste it. He looked at me extremely confused and said how could he if the text was on my finger! Took me a good moment to realize what was going on in his mind and ultimately I did have to dispel his myth – text does not hop onto and off fingers when you copy paste. If only it did!

Pocket Popcorn

This Popcorn Computer looks like a REAL NICE handy device to have. But when I look at the cost I’m just as happy with my current setup – termux on a repurposed android and a BT keyboard!