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November 12, 2022 11:20

At a Veterans day performance with A at a high school nearby. The kids were awesome. Adults could do better!

November 12, 2022 11:14

Unless ‘Avoid Tolls’ is checked in route options, G Maps seems to nudge you to take toll roads even if the toll-free route gets you to your destination several minutes earlier. Hmm, wonder why? You’re welcome, G!

Sugarloaf Mountain

Took A out for a short hike up Sugarloaf Mountain. More of a hill than a mountain! This one’s a quick 25min hike up to the summit and has some real nice views on the top. The trail generally gets super crowded but looks like the cold weather did keep the majority indoors. A got some tough love but he did enjoy the hike thoroughly!


Every kid should be taught the surgeon’s knot. Ever since I started using it to tie my shoe laces, not once has it failed!


Appa’s been mentioning Luray Caverns for a while now, so we decided to head there this weekend. He did pretty well despite his knees giving him a tough time. ‘Oh so worth it. Simbly beautiful’ – his words!

While at it, we got our annual national parks pass and decided to do the scenic drive in Shenandoah. S had a terrific time hopping on top of the car and addressing the wilderness at almost every pull-over area.