Ha! Interesting read. From her lens, she found a quicker path to financial independence :).

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May 8, 2021 06:21

Your post did show up on my site as a mention though! Some day I need to sit and sort this out!

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Huh. For some reason, this post didn’t end up as a comment on my site, so I hadn’t noticed it until now.
I am also looking forward to a visit to the National Postal Museum!
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May 8, 2021 05:59

Earlier this week, I came across this nifty python tool that lets you backup all your garmin data from the Garmin-Connect platform. I wrote a crude WordPress plugin to parse the json files over and display the data on my website here. The tool is kind of unstable because it essentially ‘mimics’ a regular Garmin-connect login and download. Also probably the reason why there aren’t many functional plugins for Garmin on wordpress.

Should be reasonably straightforward to automate this with a cron job once I sort out the connection issues with Garmin. Also for now, I’m just posting all the activities to a single page. Might be interesting to create short posts for new activities and obviously filter them out from the RSS Feeds. Love these teeny tiny coding projects!

May 7, 2021 14:31

Switched over to consuming Twitter via RSS feeds. For now I am using Yarns on WP to collect the feeds and the Indigenous app / Monocle-web social reader to read/interact with tweets. With this setup, I get to stay clear of the tracking and ads [Last time I checked uBlock Origin blocked 90 trackers/ads in 3 minutes!] and more importantly use my website as the primary place where I post. While I am not quite active on twitter, this should be a great go-between to reconnect with folks who use it for their primary digital presence.

April 30, 2021 18:07

Most evenings when her mom heads downstairs to the gym for a yoga class, this little munchkin and I, head over to the terrace for some ‘outside’ time. She insists on getting her tricycle along – handlebars all donned with Christmas ornaments and the rear storage bin full of random trinkets and toys. Rarely does she really ride it. 

Ascertaining that the Sun’s still where it’s supposed to be and checking-in with the rising moon, she gets on with her daily business of running behind the crows. Time flies as she fills this unstructured play time with random activities – chasing shadows, sprinting laps, counting birds, verbal diarrhea (What color you like? You see balloon? You like it, Appa? 5,4,2,1..run) and then keeping me on my toes. As the evening beach breeze sets in and the sun dusk’s down, she makes her way downstairs casually forgetting all about the bike. When she does remember it, she wants to be carried downstairs with her sitting on it. 

If not for Covid, we’d be out in the woods, making the best use of whatever little this city has to offer. But for now, I absolutely cherish this time outdoors with her. 

Breezy shadows