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Been looking for a Google voice number replacement for sometime now and looks like I might have found one that meets most of my needs. Just got a JMP number and ordered a sim with a data plan. The cheogram app so far has been great and once I get the SIM I might slowly transition things out of GV.


Wanting to have more control on the Digital Photo Frame that I setup a few days ago, I ordered a few Sonoff smart plugs. Right after I ordered them I realised I could actually flash Tasmota on them to keep them cloud-free. Ordered a couple FTDI USB adapters to flash Tasmota on them. Time to dust off that soldering gun!

Grand Vitara

Brought the Grand Vitara home today. We’d been on the lookout for a decent car ever since we knew about our next posting. We don’t need one here in CDMX but would definitely need one in Yaounde. All I wanted was a reliable bare minimum car with no gadgetry shabangs. Over the last few months folks on their PCS did post a few decent cars but these are barely in the market for a few hours. With this one though, the stars seemed to align all well one day and we were able to seal the deal in a few hours.

Given the mileage, the GV might need some maintenance over the next few years. It rides like butter now though and reminds me of the Grand Cherokee we had in NYC/BOS.


Went to a Blue Man Group performance last Friday. Our first and most likely last. The drums were great but the theatrics left a lot to be desired. Also didn’t help that S was in one of her super emotional moods…

Digital Photo frame

Used the spare RPI3 I salvaged from the NCP migration and made a decent digital photo frame. Ever since I consolidated all my photos, I’ve been wanting to setup a digital frame that would take us back in time on command. Some version of ‘On this day’ – but for photos. I think I have a solution that is close to what I had in mind. The photos are currently on a USB drive synced from my Nextcloud server via a cron job. I still need to work out how I choose what photos get displayed when. But so far, I am pretty happy with how this has turned out.