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August 22, 2021 10:09

The Bluetooth on my NUC stopped working after an apt upgrade last evening. A good chunk of troubleshooting did no help. My initial hunch was that this was caused by the kernel upgrade. Reverting didn’t help though. I finally caved in and ordered a USB<>Audio adapter. This morning, It struck me that this could be due to the BIOS which I haven’t updated in a while. And I was spot on! Now I have a pretty functional Bluetooth system, an up-to-date machine and yet another adapter which goes into my mystery black-box.


Marina was closed! Possibly to reduce footfall during the local holiday? Wrapped this up with breakfast at Murugan Idli.

2021-08-21 05:54:04 – No 4 🤸 Other 3.37 miles in 00:52:26
Pace : 15.56 min/mile.
Elevation Gain : 150 ft.
Elevation Loss : 132 ft.
Calories : 549
Location : Chennai
💓 : 160


Did want to head till N4 beach. Decided to turn around a bit earlier and grab a cup of tea at Santhome Sangeetha instead. Need to head out much earlier to beat the traffic and the smoke!

2021-08-15 06:05:17 – Independence N4 🤸 Other 5.86 miles in 01:28:47
Pace : 15.15 min/mile.
Elevation Gain : 299 ft.
Elevation Loss : 275 ft.
Calories : 1027
Location : Chennai
💓 : 171


2021-08-08 16:21:17 – Adyar River Trail – Thiru Vi Ka Bridge 🤸 Other 5.57 miles in 01:28:04
Pace : 15.81 min/mile.
Elevation Gain : 328 ft.
Elevation Loss : 318 ft.
Calories : 886
Location : Chennai
💓 : 165

August 3, 2021 16:17

A really inquisitive young monkey made its way to the pool area this evening. It had its fair share of fun skirting along the pool circumference and jumping in on the shallow end to ‘play’ with the water toys and held us ‘hostage’ for a good 20 minutes. On our way out, Shasta had a close encounter with him/her and she was supremely amazed by his eye color! One terrific evening.