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April 22, 2021 06:22

Whoa..using Matrix as a commenting system! Quite an intriguing implementation.

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I’m experimenting with adding live discussion to every post.
Comments are powered by Cactus, which in turn is powered by the decentralized Matrix project: they’re not monetized or tracked, and you can choose to take part using the Matrix client of your choice instead of on my website. Comments are p…

April 21, 2021 18:56

Watched My Octopus Teacher earlier this week. Some stunning underwater visuals and quite a fascinating documentary. Also reminded me of the terrific Octomom podcast from Radiolab last year.

April 19, 2021 23:42

I continue to be amazed at how hassle-free my Nextcloud setup on the RPi3 is! With automated upgrades on the NextxloudPi, I’ve barely had to login to the backend for maintenance. This has been my only file server since 2017 and the best ‘tech’ investment so far! There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should be saving their photos/data on someone else’s machine these days!

April 18, 2021 15:28

Miss V and I headed over to the Thiruvanmayur coast early this morning. This was her first longish bike ride (~10 mi) and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Riding on the roads here in India calls for a totally different skill-set. If living in a city, you need to ride through traffic to get to the trail/viewpoint and more often than not other vehicles drive totally oblivious of your existence. Miss V weaved in and out while navigating the traffic signals and it was a pleasure seeing her learn the ropes from the corner of my eye. We’re also using bikes that are 20+ years old! So she had to deal with skipping crank-sets and loose chains! I got them to a ride-able condition a few weeks back. However, bike maintenance is overdue and now’s probably the best time to get her into that too.

April 18, 2021 16:40

Whoa..That’s awesome! Bookmarking this for a visit when I’m in DC next!

Replied to 2021-04-17 08:29 by Philip BrewerPhilip Brewer (

I did not know there even was a National Postal Museum!
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