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Buses have come a long way!


Over the last few months, I have been able to drastically reduce the digital clutter with two key tools – Anonaddy and KTN. Anonaddy lets you spin up email aliases on-the-go and sever them as needed.  KTN let’s you subscribe to newsletters in your feed reader via RSS. Pretty cool concept and I love how easy it is to use! Highly recommend!

Tiny troubles

Of late, the NUC has been getting really hot. Core CPU temperatures were hitting the 80s despite the system being on literally no load. When I first bought it in mid-2020, I was aware that this lineage of tiny monsters were known for their ‘hot’ness and the fan being a bit loud.  Only over the last few months have I really seen this sudden spike in temperatures though.

The first obvious step was to get rid of the plastic lid and get those aluminum heat-sinks. That helped a bit until yesterday when the temps shot to the 90s for no reason. A quick htop run didn’t seem to show any processes that were hogging resources. Troubleshooting this a bit further, I figured I did run some apt updates a few days back that triggered Kernel updates. I might now have to get into the BIOS and see if any firmware updates are pending. As luck might have it though, the current keyboard that I have functions via Bluetooth only and I can’t quite use it to get into the BIOS. I do have an alternate keyboard, again Bluetooth but this one comes with a USB receiver – which I conveniently left in my tech black-box in MD! 🤦 Really hope M doesn’t forget bringing it!

For now, I installed the cpupower-gui tool and set the Governor to ‘powersave’ mode. Does seem to have done the trick for now. I might have to open up the unit and see if it needs some deep cleaning with some compressed air. Sometime soon I guess!

Fred – Senior Citizen Assistant

Also I guess to subconsciously coax more people to do it? This is a fascinating concept and I wish something that was replicated widely.

Replied to Fred by Francesco SchwarzFrancesco Schwarz (

What’s the point of leaving a teeny tiny artifact of memories of a human being in the form of an article on this website that no one will read? Probably none, I just do it for myself. Or maybe just to process what I experienced.


Exactly a decade ago, I landed on Posterous Spaces. This was before any of the currently common messaging platforms that exist were built. M wanted a way to backup texts and at that point in time, Posterous Spaces looked like a terrific option. We’d email the texts over to an email address and they’d be published as private posts on our domain. All was good until Twitter acquired them and non-nonchalantly shut them down in 2012. Interestingly, they still have the domain active! The co-founders went on to build Posthaven which I believe is still pretty active.

When Posterous Spaces shutdown, for whatever reason, I missed downloading the export and with that all those messages vanished. Or so I thought until today when I chanced upon some old e-mails and found copies of those sent texts. The mother of all decentralization tools – E-mail to the rescue! The next mini project is to convert these emails to a more digestible format. Decades from now, I’m intrigued to see which of the current backup mechanisms will stand the test of time.