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Resurrecting the Lumala

In a freak case of serendipity and perfect coincidence, I got to know earlier this week that my first owned geared bike was still very much standing in dusty glory in my Aunt’s garage. I bought the Lumala back in 2009 and it’s taken me several hundreds of miles on the western ghats. So many good memories!

Spent a good chunk of my free time during last week to revive it and I think I’m almost there!


Hopped in a cab at 04:30 am and head to Animeshs’ to catch-up over a shortish bike ride. Some great off-road mountain biking through the Mrigavani WIldlife Park led us to a lesser known beautiful spot overlooking the Osman Sagar lake. Been a while that I’ve done some good mountain biking and looks like I badly needed this get-away!

2021-10-10 06:20:03 – Hyderabad Cycling 🚴 Biked 16.25 miles in 02:58:15
Pace : 10.97 min/mile.
Elevation Gain : 627 ft.
Elevation Loss : 611 ft.
Calories : 1721
Location : Hyderabad
💓 : 163

You can’t tell people anything

So beautifully phrased! Be it social gatherings, team meetings, interviews or even regular discussions; there’s so much ‘lost’ in all forms of human communication!

What’s going on is that without some kind of direct experience to use as a touchstone, people don’t have the context that gives them a place in their minds to put the things you are telling them. The things you say often don’t stick, and the few things that do stick are often distorted. Also, most people aren’t very good at visualizing hypotheticals, at imagining what something they haven’t experienced might be like, or even what something they have experienced might be like if it were somewhat different.

You can’t tell people anything

Took Appa to the Marina this morning. The beach was open but it was a terrible experience. Trash strewn all over, lingering overnight dwellers, and of course open defecation by the shore ..yeah, that still happens! It wasn’t this bad a few years ago. We could then run barefoot on the sand for a good distance (~5Kms) without having to dodge trash.
Agreed it’s a big beach but how complicated is it really to maintain this public space? Of what use is all the digital cameras and equipment if you let people trash the place recklessly? And then add to it the complacence and heavy lack of follow-through on the implemented policies. Most solutions end up being short term and every once in a while a random not-for-profit group shows up on the beach, clean up a section of it (Thank you for that!), click their photos and supposedly get back to their business of ‘raising awareness’.
Between vote-bank politics, scattered awareness, heavy lack of follow-through and an essential lack of stringent penalty and consistent implementation; Absolutely nothing is going to change.
End of pessimistic rant!


Found this 77 year old coin amidst some old papers. Several years ago I also did find a small collection of stamps which I digitized a few years ago. Someone in the family definitely shared this interest in coins and stamps. Oddly, Appa doesn’t recollect saving these!