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Priceless CR2032

Sometime back S’s night light bulb fused out. I replaced it with a tiny flickering LED lamp but she wasn’t very impressed since the switch was super tiny. Went to Home depot today with her and bought a switch that she liked. Spent about half an hour together and came up with this ‘wireless’ night lamp. She absolutely loves how it looks!

Africam Safari

A terrific few hours in Africam Safari. Felt like we were transported to a sanctuary in Africa. Also saw a Tibetan Takin! So wild, so cool. The overcast weather made the experience even more enriching.

Forgotten Temple

Was on a 3 hour gaming spree yesterday after not having played for more than a week. Time well spent!

Lucha Libre

This was such a disappointment. S lost interest the moment she finished her popcorn and chips. M and I were done watching their theatrics in about twenty minutes.  Definitely not recommending this to anybody we know!

July 6, 2023 12:39

S had a seemingly sudden meltdown on the way back from her roller skating class asking for a ‘Hello Kitty Donut’. She hopped off her bike and said she won’t ride it until we got her one that very instant. M told her we could talk about it once we’re home. The looming thunder clouds didn’t seem to budge her too. M seemed to have had a word with her and that somehow changed her mind – a bit. Finally she did succumb, however vehemently showing her immense dissatisfaction by bawling and walking her bike home.

M brings me up to speed once we’re home. A couple months ago, M apparently had promised her a donut the day she wore all her protección while skating. Today happens to be that day and in her mind S had all right to protest when we didn’t close our end of the deal.

This kids got an elephant’s memory just like her Mom! While that’s a terrific thing, I’ve got work cut out for me!