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Wills and plans

I used the Tomorrow app to set one up for my family a few years ago. Also last year, I setup an End Plan Document to help them pick the loose ends. Honestly, it’s helped me document things better.

Replied to Ask the Readers: Resources for Writing a Will? by J.D.Roth (Get Rich Slowly)

Last Friday, I drove from Corvallis to Portland to help my cousin, Duane. Duane has been living with throat cancer for several years now, but in recent months

Coach R

Yet another terrific early AM outing to the beach. S and V joined Coach R’s group for an athletics workout session. As one of his junior coaches guided the kids on the beach sand drills, I took this opportunity to chat up with this cheerful 75+(?) year old gentleman. Quite a humbling personality and a treasure trove of information. A couple hours swiftly breezed by. I could tell his memory was slowly failing him and only wish someone documents his wisdom. Some people leave that impeccable impression on you…

Immunity Amnesia

#TIL When infected with measles, the immune system takes a reboot and abruptly erases every memory of pathogen it’s had before, essentially making your body vulnerable to infections. Rebuilding immunity takes years…

in 2002, a group of Japanese scientists discovered that the receptor the measles virus binds to – a kind of molecular lock that allows it to enter the body – isn’t in the lungs, as you would expect for a respiratory virus. Instead, it’s on cells from the immune system.

“Measles suppresses the immune system, and activates it at the same time,” says Swart. Though measles deletes immune memories, there is one exception to these losses. Oddly, the only virus you’ll definitely be able to recognise after falling sick with measles is measles itself. The measles paradox

This was a fascinating read!

Email encryption

Pretty neat and quick! Didn’t quite explore this feature in Thuderbird till date. I think primarily because email encryption in general only works when both parties are on board. Thunderbird definitely seems to make that process easy. One issue with this traditional approach however is that each email client (on phones or other machines) has to be individually configured.

I was tinkering with Pretty Easy Privacy[PEP] the other day. They’ve further simplified the ‘Trust yet verify’ stage a bit more by essentially auto-verifying if a recipient responds to your message and simplified the manual key exchange.  And then with apps for both iOS and android, plug-ins for Outlook and Thunderbird – There’s no reason not to have this setup.

Replied to Sending end-to-end encrypted emails using Thunderbird (OpenPGP). by Atchuth (A new dimension)

Mozilla Thunderbird makes it extremely easy to send end-to-end encrypted emails using OpenPGP. In order to do this, both the sender and the receiver will need to generate a secret and public key pa…


Coach R didn’t quite turn up today. Super slow run-walk giving Miss V company. Tad bit far but this beach stretch is pretty nice.

2022-02-12 06:02:48 – VGP Morning run 🏃 Ran 1.13 miles in 00:18:54
Pace : 16.73 min/mile.
Elevation Gain : 42 ft.
Elevation Loss : 42 ft.
Calories : 196
Location : Chennai
💓 : 152