Met a couple friends and their familes on a short hike up the Pallavaram hills. Was good catching up after a while! Despite temperature being in the high 80s, the kids had a terrific time.

On the organizing front though, I could have done better. We initially planned to meet at 10:00 but ended up climbing around 11:30 due to travel delays. I wasn’t carrying my first-aid kit and the usual pick-me-up edibles/tailwind. I missed checking on everybody’s general health condition prior to the climb. Had the trail been a few more miles longer, with the rising temps, things could have escalated pretty quickly…

Well, thankfully all went well. Time to get back into those planning shoes and dust off my hike leaders hat.

February 28, 2021 17:25

I am so glad I moved out of the Apple ecosystem a few years back. Was good while I was using it and now that I’m off, I don’t really follow or have the urge to upgrade to the next in-thing. It is liberating and I guess – to each his own!

Absolutely love such ‘meandering’ posts! You never know what you’re going to be reading in the next para and the heading can only do justice to a specific section.

Replied to Time, not Money by Nitin Khanna (

We have a new iPhone in the family. My previous prediction was that Apple will come out with a series of phones, and I’ll upgrade from my iPhone 7 Plus to whatever the large 4G model will be. Apple is certainly run by smarter people than me. They released no non-5G flagship phones. I took up an of…

Time, not Money

Over the last few days, I’ve been meandering through Bert‘s webpage and a few other sites – Such a treasure trove of information on the C-19 vaccine and biology/technology in general. No seriously, dive into these links for some great layman(ish) explanation of DNA, RNA, Vaccines and what not!

Note: These links point to my Wallabag instance. I’d much prefer linking to the original article. However, I find this as a good way to save information which I can access later even if the original source vanishes.

DNA, RNA, Vaccines and Humans

This is a terrific intro to all things linux and the terminal. Something I wish I’d come across when I was learning the ropes several years ago. I’d almost forgotten about alias!

Bookmarked Effective Linux & Bash for Data Scientists by Guy SmoilovskyGuy Smoilovsky (DAGsHub Blog)
Tips, tricks, and convenient bottom-up explanations on Linux & terminals for data scientists or other techies.
Linux and Bash 101

I recently had to turn on images in a particular e-mail to read a specific piece of content which I thought was interesting. It’s alarming and rather obscene how images are used in certain newsletters to convey a simple wall of text. Thanks, no thanks – I’m unsubscribing right away!

And while we’re on that topic, I’ve been using for about a couple months now and absolutely love it! Setting it up was a breeze and the web-front is refreshingly clean!