State of The Networks – Jun 2020

A quick rundown on the state of the home-servers I run or applications I host on the cloud.

My ‘Homelab’ setup has not changed much since my last update in January. I did add in a switch and installed a wireguard vpn on the RPI 3B+ that fronts as a reverse proxy for the Nextcloud media devices. I also got a Seagate 2TB drive and built two partitions into it. One acts as a backup for my Nextcloud files and the other is a ‘cold backup’ of my Hetzner cloud instance.

For personal use, I maintain two remote cloud servers on Hetzner:

Hetzner 01:

The first server essentially handles most of my social and productivity tools. Fronted by Traefik and running in docker containers, the following services run on the 8GB server:

  • Bookstack – Wiki software which I am currently using to help publish my dad’s second book
  • Known – FB alternative. I mostly use this as a quick bookmarking tool. I also post short updates or status notes here infrequently.
  • WordPress  – I run 4 instances of WordPress – Portals for folks in my family.
  • Wallabag – Read-later app
  • Pixelfed – My go-to space to post individual images.
  • Selfoss – The light-weight feed-reader that I pipe all my RSS subscriptions to.
  • Nextcloud – This one’s more to test the recent releases before I deploy them on my homelab.
  • Trilium Notes – My go-to place to save quick notes
  • Signal-CLI – I use this for server trigger notifications to be sent via SMS
  • Mattermost – Slack alternative
  • Etherpad – Quick, collaborative notes

Hetzner 02:

This server hosts my Matrix and Jitsi Conference applications. While at it, I also have a Riot instance running in parallel that fronts the Synapse install.

Guyon flats and Tuffy’s Tavern trail

Yet another great day outdoors! We plan on doing more technical and/or longer hikes with Shasta and today was one of those ‘dry-runs’. We were out there in the woods for about 3.5 hours and she did terrific!

A decent elevation profile, blended in river-crossing, and of-course wonderful company. With an early start, the 6.5miles didn’t quite feel that distance. A bit of a drive from home that was absolutely worth it!

@Gun Powder falls State Park.

Garmin Connect GPX

GPSBabel and Ramblr

Recently, I’ve started using GPSBabel and Ramblr together to better visualize and scout new hikes. GPSBabel is this fabulous tool that lets you combine various gpx files into one and Ramblr lets you plan and chalk out your trips. Both tools obviously have a ton of more features which I should explore at some point in time.

While on the trails, the AllTrails app is a terrific companion. Having a birds-eye view is always helpful and it’s never quite failed me!