Middlesex 17 miler

A good 5 hours out in the woods. Terribly underestimated the skyline trail. Quite a few foot slips and ankle twists made it more of a hike than a run. Also looks like my body is ‘reacting’ to the¬†weekday runs. Badly needed some tummilicious food at mile 13. Note to self for future runs!

Finally got around visiting the Wrights tower! Despite visiting the fells several times over the last few years, I’ve never really ‘made it’ to this section of the trail. The tower by itself is nothing impressive but it does have some interesting history. Ice from here was apparently exported to India way back in the 1800s when Middlesex fells was a commercial plot. The tower gets it’s name from Elizur Wright who was instrumental in converting the erstwhile commercial land to what is now called the Middlesex Fells reservation.

An amazing view of the Boston Skyline from the tower.

First long run for the season. Hey, also my first self supported half this year. With tomorrow’s 9 miler, I’ll be signing off with about 49 miles this week. Not a bad start! Miss Me’s post run stretches have been quite instrumental in my injury free runs and I can’t thank her enough to keep pushing me for those runs after a long day. Only hope she doesn’t take her coach’s responsibility too seriously and cuts me off the fries!

Total distance: 18.12 mi
Max elevation: 338 ft
Min elevation: 7 ft
Total climbing: 9849 ft
Total descent: -9872 ft
Total Time: 05:09:16

Non-negotiable milers

Several years back, While in Pune, I’d resolved to spend every weekend outdoors. The plan was to get out of home before the break of dawn, head out to one of the umpteen number of forts and villages on the outskirts of the city and spend the rest two days just being out there. The weekends were an interesting mix of some terrific hikes, long bike rides or just days of hopping on and off arbitrary buses with no specific destination. The goal was also to write about my experiences. Arguably, that turned out to be a good vicious circle. I’d travel to write and write to travel. Looking back those were some of my most memorable days. Continue reading “Non-negotiable milers”