Adyar Eco Park

The Adyar river forms a tidal creek just before it enters the Bay of Bengal. The creek and the estuary formed a great ecosystem for flora and fauna to flourish – until the city’s sewage and industrial effluence heavily contaminated it. Initiated by CAG and ordered by the High court, Ecological restoration projects undertaken by…


Read The Fed Isn’t Printing As Much Money As You Think

So last April the Fed changed the rules and eliminated the six-withdrawal limit on savings accounts. It wrote:

The interim final rule allows depository institutions immediately to suspend enforcement of the six transfer limit and to allow their customers to make an unlimited number of convenient transfers and withdrawals from their savings deposits at a time when financial events associated with the coronavirus pandemic have made such access more urgent.

It was an obvious and nearly risk-free way to help people. Just let them have easier access to their savings.

But it changed the relationship between M1 and M2.

An interesting point on M1 and M2 [Measures of money]. With the signing of the 1.9T$ bill today in the US, we’ve essentially created 6T$ over the last 10 months. Just like that… Covid19 has brought  unprecedented suffering to many. Deaths, Unemployment, Medical complications, lifestyle changes, Social unrest and several other ramifications which we are…

Health Insurance woes

Read Why Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Care About Your Big Bills

The Affordable Care Act kept profit margins in check by requiring companies to use at least 80 percent of the premiums for medical care. That’s good in theory but it actually contributes to rising health care costs. If the insurance company has accurately built high costs into the premium, it can make more money. Here’s how: Let’s say administrative expenses eat up about 17 percent of each premium dollar and around 3 percent is profit. Making a 3 percent profit is better if the company spends more.

Pleasantly surprised to read this piece from ProPublica/NPR. Michael Frank was my professor for a Health Insurance course I took while at Columbia and he was a terrific one at it. Though I moved on to Property and Casualty Insurance as an Actuarial Analyst, I continue to be intrigued by Health. Who wouldn’t be -…

The Air and the Sea and the Land

Listened The Air and the Sea and the Land from The Memory Palace

A note on notes: We’d much rather you just went into each episode of The Memory Palace cold. And just let the story take you where it well. So, we don’t…

Another brilliant piece from Nate DiMeo. Close to 70 years now and sadly there’s still so much to fight for to get to a level field!

March 4, 2021 21:05

A fascinating talk by Jonah Edwards to the Internet Archive staff. They manage ~200PB of data in-house!