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I’d been to a theater named Kailash yesterday to watch the movie Bhul bhulaiya. I’ve already seen the Malayalam and the Tamil versions of this film, so the movie wasn’t something that really interested me. What was more interesting is the way the Black ticket modus operandi that the theater management deploys.

They’re basically three types of tickets that are sold in this theater Rs30, Rs50 and Rs60. These are probably the rates which the Karnataka Goverment has set for medium rung theatres in the state ( I’m not a movie buff so I’m quite oblivious of the current rates 🙂  ) .   The show was at around 4:30 pm and we’d reached the theater well ahead of time at around 2:30 just to get the tickets. They were about fifteen people ahead of us in the queue and we were pretty sure we’d get the tickets this time. By the time we reached the counter, we were told that only four thirty rupees tickets were available and all other tickets were sold out. The hall as far as I know has no advanced booking facility and  no internet booking. It is spacious enough to seat atleast 150 people and this guy here says he’s sold out all the tickets!! A few minutes later, the same guy comes out with a bunch of tickets in his hands , stands near the gate and starts selling the tickets for almost double the cost!!

I do agree Black tickets are sold in almost every theater but never to this extent. And here the worst part is that the management by itself is organizing it!! Tickets in the so called A grade thatres like PVR and INOX are around 200 bucks so the public doesn’t even mind paying about 100 bucks to watch the movie in these theatres. Everyone gains…the management in selling the tickets at a higher rate to a tout, the tout in making around 20Rs per ticket by selling it to the public and the public in purchasing the ticket at half the price when compared to those in A Grade theaters. At the fag end, it’s all about watching the movie!!

 True, Everyone’s bothered about his money. But people don’t realize what effect this has on their overall cost of living. The government perceives this to be a pointer of the status of living of the public and increased rates are benchmarked. The same logic was put forth by a friend of mine for the high real estate value in Bangalore or any metropolitan for that instance. A land owner having a couple of batchelors staying in his quarters raises the house rent giving due consideration to the fact that the amount is shared. A rise of about 2k isn’t really a pinch in the wallet for a group of about four to five people staying together in a metro. The owner gets an increased income from practically no increased investment of his and the tenant is, if not more happy, contented to stay at the same location for some more time. Both sides stay happy for sometime till the next cycle of change and then it’s the same state of affairs again.

Anyways! How does it matter to me or you….(or does it? 😉  ). All that I wanted to do was to watch Bhul Bhullaiya.  ( Should have given ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ or ‘Next’ a shot  instead 🙁 ) .

Midway to …

Got back to the Lab  a few minutes back and just when I make up my mind to work on a few assignments, I realize my mainframe acct. has been locked! So here I am…

Time seems to just fly past here. The last one month’s been pretty interesting.  Infy has roped in Rhythms Arts and Music Institute to conduct Guitar classes here in the campus. So two days a week you can look forward to see a bunch of people with Guitars on their back! And the best part is most of them are novices, just like me!    Learnt the E-E notes and other basic chords. Just that I’ve to practice it properly.

DJ nights are organized once every two weeks on weekends and though none of us here in the trainee group really knows how to dance,  you could find us around most of the time. Atleast this is one thing that I’ve learned to do in the past  one month.Had a show by Kailash kher and his  band here this weekend. It was just fabulous! Just what we’d want to see after a week into COBOL coding and Job submitting.

 The training is just as fast paced as the extracurricular life here. You always have the fear of running down the 65 % benchmark with questions popping up in the exams from the nook and corner of the wise brains! They catch you right where you think they wouldn’t venture into and at times you feel ( rather they make you feel  ) that you’re pretty much on the wrong side of you’re life line! Probably that’s why they call it TRAINING!  It is just that you need to know where to draw the dividing line and when! Got to fight the battle for just one more month till we give the Stream specific exam and then I’m done with the Infy training 🙂 . Got an A in the Generic that keeps me motivated and just to keep me contained, there are ppl telling me how tough the actual stream can be !

Life with sweet, salt and a BIT of pepper!! Who knows how much pepper?

Ubuntu: BSNL Broadband Connection


My first post typed in from Ubuntu with it hooked to the net!!!

Just managed to configure the Broadband connection in Ubuntu!! Am on cloud nine, given the fact that I’d been struggling in vain for the past few months to get a few Linux flavours hooked on to the net. Believe me, There couldn’t be anything else that’s as simple as this!!

Here’s the trick ( if at all it could be called that!) for those novices ( obviously like me! ) who haven’t yet had luck configuring their systems.

1> Switch off your modem

2>Open the Network settings Dialog box ( System> Administration> Network)

3>Select ‘Wired Connection’ and click on the Properties.

4> In the ‘Connection Settings’ Menu select ‘Static IP ‘ type in the following values and save:

IP Address :

/* Assigning the Ethernet Card an IP different from that of the modem*/

Subnet Mask:

/* No idea why this value is always this 🙂 */

Gateway address:

/* The Modem is being made the default gateway*/

5>Switch on the Modem and wait for a few minutes for the values to get recorded.

6>In the Terminal ( Applications>Accessories> Terminal) type ‘sudo pppoeconf’

6>A window pops with a blue screen notifying that an ethernet device has been found. Just follow the on screen instructions till you reach the screen which asks you for your BSNL UID and PASS. Ping in the values (after deleting the text Username from the line) and you’re done!! 🙂

I’ve still got to figure out how to disconnect from the n/w though that shouldn’t be a big issue…..

[Update: 22-Oct-09]

Just type the following commands in the terminal:

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up

sudo route add default gw eth0

This could also do the trick.


It’s about 7:00 pm now on a saturday evening. Got to submit a demo project which carries a bulk of my grading weightage. Sitting right here for the past 10 hrs. There’s a lot of coding still left to be done and here I am sulking to the lowest possible position on my seat and banging the keyboard typing this stuff.

I’ve been trying to find that silly dumb bug that I’ve incorporated in my code unknowingly, for the past three hours and still I see no light anywhere. Everything seems perfect, but still things don’t work the way I want them to work! The Pointer gets referenced haphazardly, the loop jerks out in a wierd fashion, the output screen beeps but still does nothing much such that I can claim to have surpassed an error. Logical errors…Link errors …Grrr!!

Wish things were better! 🙁

Infosys Bangalore

It’s been quite a while that I’ve posted anything on this blog. Well, the reason is that I’ve been quite lazy till July 9th and post that I’ve controlled my browsing habits 😉 . I ‘ve joined Infosys as a Software Engineer this 9th and just 10 days into professional life, things have been pretty interesting. Not that I was not prepared for it , just that things turned out to be much better than what I expected them to be! 🙂

Our training location had initially been Mysore but just seven days prior to our departure we happened to get a mail from Infy telling us that the location has been changed to Bangalore. All of us initially were pretty much dejected. Infosys , I’ve heard is supposed to be the best in training freshers and their Global Education Center (GEC) at mysore is considered to be the hub for tech training with it’s world class facilities. Any person selected in Infy would love to have his training at their Mysore GEC. Still some things are just not in your hands.

Abhi , Collin and I reached the Bangalore campus on 8th morning at around 10 am. After the formal verifications, We were directed to the Employee Care Center (ECC) , an accommodation that you could consider to be equivalent to a five star hotel. Met a few of our other classmates there and decided to have breakfast. Quite unaware of the Food courts then all of us opted to dine at the ‘La Terrace’ restaurant in the GF of the ECC. Had a sumptuous meal there quite oblivious of the billing system. Only when we got our bills did we realise why we were the only people of Indian nationality there. Each of us were handed a bill of 100 bucks! 🙂 Least inclined to refute (and with no other option but to do so 🙂 ) we paid the bill, walked out and got back to our rooms. People soon started trickling in and by 12pm the lobby was packed with fresh trainees.

What’s the campus like? Posed with this question quite a few of us got out of our rooms and cycled all through the vast 85+ acres of campus. The Bangalore campus or Infycity as it is called has an extremely beautiful campus, around six food courts , Two Gymnasiums, A beautiful swimming pool, a Basket ball and Volleyball court, Pool tables , Aerobics room and not to mention , quite a few magnificent buildings ( architectural splendor and non reasonability are the first things that would flash through your mind when you have a first look at them 🙂 ) . You’ve got cycles at your disposal at almost all buildings and you can pick any of them and park them at the parking lot of the destination block after you’ve used it.

The first week of the training was much into the formalities of Document verification, Signing of papers, Bank account formalities and an Induction program. Technical training has just started and things have slowly started picking up pace. With daily assignments and stuff, the noose seems to be slowly tightening. Nevertheless, life in the campus is extremely good. The day generally starts at around 5:30 in the morning. Rushing to the Food Courts by 7:30 and swiping cards before 8:00am is something that every trainee sees to it that he sticks to. Morning sessions which are generally up to 12: 30 pm are more or less theory sessions held in the huge auditoriums. The afternoon sessions are lab sessions and assignments are supposed to be completed in this time ( So has been the case till now). This goes on till 8:30 pm at times . Swipe out and rush to the food courts to have a relaxing dinner. We then get back to our rooms and after a fresh up cycle down to the Basket ball court. This is something that I’ve picked up after joining Infy. After an extremely tiring but wonderful two hour session in the game a few of us walk down to FC 27 and have something to drink. This is something that”s really good in the campus. Anytime you feel hungry or feel like having something, you can just walk down to the nearest Food Court and have a munch. It’s literally heaven once you’re back to your room. Just hit the bed and you’re ready for the next day’s routine.

Presently I’m in Hyd for a small weekend visit. Will be getting back tomorrow to the campus again.

More posts when time permits 🙂

Fedora 7

The OSS and Red Hat community have launched their latest OS. Parting from their age old nomenclature, they now prefer to call it Fedora 7 and not Fedora Core 7. It’s available for download here.

For those of you people with access to snail paced connectivity to the internet, there’s a provision to request for a free DVD. The Community releases only 200 free DVD’s a month in a given region. So if you’re pretty much interested in having a DVD for yourself, act fast here.The request form purportedly, is going to be available only at around 1pm July 2nd PST, so that’s around 1:30 am July 3rd IST.

Unlike other free distributions, the package will be posted to your address from India, so it should reach you in a couple of days 🙂 . Eagerly looking forward to lay my hands on it !

Feisty Fawn – Ubuntu 7.04

I’ve tried installing almost all flavours of Linux on my old system. Starting from Red Hat and going all the way till Ubuntu. Each installation came along with its appended troubles, thanks to my ignorance then. One main constriction I had was the hardware configuration of my machine. It was a pentium celeron running on 128mb Ram and a 20Gb hard disk. I had several issues with the mouse and configuring my internet connection. With passage of days I realised my mouse was designed to work with windows and finding device drivers for it in Linux was a big time pain. On the whole I had to restrain myself to low end operating systems.

Last week I upgraded my Hardware config. From then, installing Linux has never been a problem. Installation gets done extremely fast but for a few glitches here and there. Tried installing Solaris 10 but for some reason the video device wasn’t identified (I’m still hooked with a 14” LG monitor 🙂 ) and I had quite a problem running a graphic installation. Realising there was no point going in for a non graphical interface setup , I put in bay the Solaris installation. I had a FC4 DVD and I tried installing that . You wont believe me! The whole installation got done in just over 10 minutes!  🙂 The main reason for installing FC4 was that I direly needed a net connection in the OS and my ISP gives me a provision for installation only though the Red hat Packet Manager ( RPM ) setup. Before I tried out the FC4 I forked in the Ubuntu 7.04 CD and tried booting from the Live CD to partition my HDD using the in built GParted software. But for some apparent reason the Live CD never booted and always led to the command prompt. Frustrated, I gave up and installed FC4 without properly partitioning the HDD.

A few days later with a bit of googling I found that Ubuntut 7.04 had a bug that prevents it from booting on a SATA hard disk. They was a small fix up for that and once done, the setup was done with at lightening speed! Just six minutes on the clock! 🙂 Feisty Fawn has a Desktop Effects feature that can be enabled once you log in.  You need to see to believe it! Once this feature is enabled  the desktop gives you a wobbling sort of effect. There’s also this extremely cool Cube effect which helps you in organizing your workspace into four relative graphically independent desktops. The desktop swirls to the correspondin desktop on your command! All this for a single CD Distro!!! Just one backdrop of this distro is that you need to have an active net connection to download the other softwares that you may need to accentuate its working…But for that Ubuntu 7.04 rocks!!


I’ve upgraded my old system (the 440 Lx) to a brand new Core2Duo ! If you’ve read a few of my previous posts you’d definitely have come across my ventures with Linux on my old system. I’ve been and I still am a hard core fan of Linux for the past three years and I’ve learnt to find my way through it ( at least the setting up of the OS) the hard way. Innumerable number of formats, deletions, screw ups and what not. But finally when you are done with all of that troubleshooting and googling and finally setup up your machine with a flavour of linux. It’s sweet!! Pretty sweet!!

Well, atleast now I can say, I’ve got a feel on how to install an Operating system. Exploiting it to your  requirements and getting a hang of working on it is a totally different experience. Nevertheless as I told you it all depends on how you take your experience. You get bogged down once and you take the hit, your done for good! But then you recuperate and strike back to take more hits, you learn stuff!

And now , the million dollar question…Why Linux? Well, I learnt using linux for fun and just for the heck of experimenting, though now it does serve other purposes too. When I happen to tell people I’ve tried a flavour of linux and ask them to try it too, more often than not, I get the response – “I’m fine with Windows dude. I don’t want to change.” Well, there’s no point blaming them for that. Rather I’ll blame the rampant piracy in India. Had you been compelled to buy the Windows OS and given noother option I’m sure you would look out for other cheaper equivalents. Linux is FREE! It’s open source, It supports most of your hardware devices, It’s got a huge support database, It’s got a huge fan community, It is in no way inferior to any Windows OS, It’s robust, It’s just as easy to use as any other Operating system once you get a hang of it, It’s much livelier, It’s highly interactive, It looks much more appealing than any other OS and I’ve heard it’s much more secure. What else could you want from an Operating System? I believe that justifies!!   

Yahoo Photos goin’ down!

I happened to sign in to  my yahoo photos for no apparent reason today and this is what  caught my attention

 Yahoo Photos is Closing down by September 20th 2007 

 To be frank I was shell shocked! It was just out of the blue that I’d signed in and they would have deleted all of my photos had I not dropped in by September 20th. They could at least have sent me a mail regarding their change in stand! 

Fortunately, they’re giving you three options. One to directly transfer all of your photos to Flickr (Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005 ) or a few other sites like kodak , butterfly et al , the second to download all the photos one by one yourself  and the third and most interesting- forego them ! 

 I have about a thousand photos in it and downloading all of them is  way impractical. I was always considering transferring all of my photos to Picasa. But then Yahoo Photos never had an option for direct transfer. So I’m sort of obliged to transfer my photos to Flickr, which I reluctantly have accepted to!   🙁     


The 440LX is no more!

My first off the system post from a friends machine.

My dear system buckled down totally today and looking at the symptoms there’s every reason for me to believe it has breathed it’s last! 🙁 The final moments it did throb to the core and when it missed the beat hell went loose.

Moments before entering the comatose state, it showed sporadic electrical activity. Dementia soon crept in and repetitive resuscitation techniques 😉 too failed. The arterial links on the MB paved way soon failing to identify not alone the HDD but also other vital devices.

Aged 9 when she passed out and survived by none technically, She’s been a wonderful piece of assembly by the years. A brief look up into her distant progenies reveals a number of branched out prospective replacements. Though due consideration is being given to the suitable replacement, it goes without saying, the memories that she leaves behind.

May her soul rest in peace! Amen!

End of my Engineering at UE-Kanchipuram

My Final theory papers were done with by 15th of last month and my friends and I had plans to go to an amusement park the next day and have a blast one last time, before we bid our final adieu. All was fine till the end of the examination but when we reached the rooms ppl started slowly lamenting of the heat and finally withdrew from the plan! 🙁 Got pissed to the core!!

At around four pm, Calvin and I decided to leave to Hyd. We only had the option of leaving by bus. We generally take a bus to Tirupathy and from there a Hi-tech to Hyd. For some reason this time we decided to go via Chennai. The Bus service at Chennai to Hyd is sometime around 8:00 pm. So we had ample time! We boarded a 76BExpress service from the Kanchi Bus station and started placing calls to people in the hostel just to complete the final formalities! Was actually still fuming 🙁

 The bus had just come out of the town outskirts when I realized I hadn’t called the Hindi trio [Black Bombay, White Bombay and Rahul ]. The moment I called them, they started abusing me literally 🙂 !! Somehow they managed to change my mind and I got down at Meenakshi Hospital. Well the bombayz had told me that they were planning to have a party that night in the hostel ,that was the main reason why I’d changed my mind! 🙂 The Bus driver was kind enough to accede to my request! (Being an Express service he is not supposed to stop in b/w ). This was about five kms from the University and on the NH7. Rahul said he’d be there within ten minutes. Calvin carried on in the bus to Chennai as he said he had some important work to attend to. True to his word, Rahul picked me up and I was in the Hostel in twenty minutes.


We pooled money for the night’s party from the Hostel inmates. Bala and the Bombayz went over to the town and managed to get Fire crackers, a huge cake and Appy packs! The Administrative Officer was invited .He’d come with his grand daughters. Was fun with the kids around! All the crackers were burnt by 12:00am. After the Cake cutting, distributing and not to mention the smearing, people started getting back to their rooms. Junior’s had their Semester exams the other day so they got back to their rooms pretty soon. A few other non active members of our batch hit their bed after munching their share of cake. With nothing much left to do even we guys got back to our rooms. It was then that Bala removed the Rocket’s that he’d hidden. Around ten of us and a couple of juniors moved over to the Hostel terrace. The girls’ hostel was about 400yards away from our hostel! So you could very well expect the target! 🙂 . Hit the bed sometime around two o’clock. Man! We had a blast that night!

Evening the previous day I again proposed a trip to an amusement park. Rahul readily accepted and we decided to go no matter what! Somehow we compelled Black Bombay ,SGP and Akka too. They reluctantly accepted. We initially thought of going to MGM but later for no apparent reason decided to go to Kishkintha! Both are amusement parks, MGM being much away from the city when compared to Kishkintha. I had to dump my bag in CMBT ( the main bus terminus in Chennai ) as I decided to leave directly to Hyderabad that day and I didn’t want to carry the luggage with me to an amusement park. Our plan was that I would wake Rahul and leave to CMBT at around 6:00 am. Rahul would wake the other guys and they would come to Tambaram by 9:00. I would come down to Tambaram from CMBT by 9:00. But as luck would have it, the Express bus which I was traveling by broke down mid way and I had to catch another bus to CMBT. Tried dragging Sooz to join us but he had some other important work to attend to. It was 10:00 by the time I reached CMBT! I deposited my air bag in the Cloak room and got myself a ticket to hyd for that night’s service. Nevertheless, Rahul, Black Bombay, Akka and SGP got delayed too for no apparent reason. We managed to meet at Tambaram only by around 12:00pm. Kishkinta was around 10kms from there. We took an auto and reached the park by around 12:30 .Bought the tickets and sat on a few rides. Kishkintha is much smaller compared to MGM and has much lesser rides too. We had a feeling that we should have been to MGM. But soon realized that since we were already here, there was no point lamenting!

The water pool here was definitely different from the one’s we’d seen at other parks. Spent much of the time lazing, sliding and not to mention ogling! 🙂 There were only two attractions at Kishkintha that I feel makes it a different amusement park. One is the Chennai Kuttralam. This is  cave sort of entrance which sprinkles water in miniscule streams on you when you walk by and the other is an artificial  waterfall which Kishkinta has developed to emulate the Kuttralam falls in Kerala. I’ve no words to explain how good the emulated falls was! The very beauty of the falls left us so very enthralled that we forgot taking snaps there!


Quite aware that travel back to CMBT would take me around an hour from Tambaram, I wanted to leave a bit early. Moreover I didn’t want to take any sort of risk with Chennai Traffic! 🙂 SGP and I caught the 18:10 service from the park to Tambaram. Black Bombay, Rahul and Akka got back to business! You know what I mean! 🙂 I reached CMBT just in time to catch the Hyd Hi-tech. Placed a call to Rahul and was  to hear that they were not successful in their mission! 🙂 They’d picked the 18:50 service and were on their way back to Kanchi! Had an extremely comfortable journey back home! Literally,  My last trip back home after my Engineering !

All set and done, I had a wonderful end to my Enggineering life! Thanks to that one call that I’d placed to the Hindi trio! Three Cheers to them 🙂



License and Global Warming!

I’ve been using the WordWeb Dictionary for almost two years now. Well, this is an application which gives you the meaning of almost any English word that you ping in ( a bit of an exaggeration, but believe me, It’s extremely good! 🙂 )

Coming to the main part now, I happened to install a newer version of it a month back. Yesterday, when I opened the application a message popped up telling me that my trial version had expired. Hey, but this was not any common license validation request that one generally comes across! I’ve paraphrased their statement here. Couldn’t help controlling my laughter having read the clause! 🙂



Free version licence

You have just crossed the 30 day trial period. WordWeb may be freely used only by people who meet the conditions below.

You may use the program free of charge indefinitely only if

  • You take at most 4 flights (2 return flights) in any 12 month period
  • AND you do not own or regularly drive an SUV (sports utility vehicle).

If you do not qualify you must uninstall the program after the 30-day trial period or purchase WordWeb Pro. The licence is designed to provide a small incentive for people with massively unsustainable emissions to cut down.

Whenever a user no longer meets the above requirements, and they have installed the product for more than 30 days, they must uninstall the product or purchase WordWeb Pro; otherwise it is software theft.

There are two exceptions to the above: not-for-profit educational establishments may install WordWeb for the use of their students (regardless of whether their students meet the “sustainable user” requirement), and the registered disabled who require an SUV for transport may use the program freely if they take at most four flights per year.


Well, both the clauses do not apply to me and I continue to use the application without any licensing done 🙂 . Nevertheless, it did drive the point home regarding Global warming at least for a few moments!


The temple town!

Well, if you’ve just happened to be here from a search, and you’re interested in finding about temples and silk sarees of Kancheepuram, You’ve taken the wrong road. Nevertheless, just keep reading. There’s much more to kanchi than the temples and the sarees you’ve heard of…

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve just finished my Engineering at a University called SCSVMV in Kancheepuram. Oh Yes! The one which people claim to be on one of the forked out roads of the National Highway connecting Chennai and Bangalore, or rather the Uiversity just 75kms from Chennai. I’ve heard people giving out wonderful descriptions of the exact location in varied forms. No doubt they are right and probably the reason why I tend to agree with them is that the moment you blurt the word Kancheepuram from your mouth, you only get questions on Sarees , Swamigals and Temples. I’ve had enough with the three and am least interested in any of them! 🙂

My brief stint at Kanchi for the past four years has been quite an interesting episode. Not really in the sense you think, but more or less, you and I are on parallel lines. This is one place where even Eighty year olds are called “Akka” and fifteen year old guys get to be called as “Anna”. Believe me; I’ve never called my own people with the tags attatched till I happened to be in Kanchi. (I don’t do it even now, that’s totally a different case 🙂 ) These words have lost their true meaning and probably have become just descriptive words to catch the attention of the other person.

One very good feature of the town is its Connectivity with the mainland of Chennai. You’ve got buses, plying almost every ten minutes to and from the central bus station. Kudos to the Transport Corporation…what used to be a 2.5 hrs two years back drive is now only about 1.5 hrs from Chennai. Town traffic is more or less like any place in Chennai. You are prone to be cheated unless you have a brief idea of the place. Occasionally you happen to find Tonga’s on the road which operate on the same lines as the autos. I remember paying about four times the actual amount to a Tonga driver, the first time I got into one. 🙂

Coming to food, if you’ve been thinking you’d be spending meagerly, let me tell you, you need to really pinch your purse for some good food. You’ve got hotels ranging from three star’s to the routine ones. But at the end it’s all the same. You end up paying more or less the same amount. Beside Hotels and restaurants you’ve also got a couple of Messes around, wherein you get only south Indian Stuff. You do get North Indian stuff too at a few hotels. Else you’ve always got a couple of Dhabas on the Highway roads. Unless you’re a glutton, you would end up spending sixty to seventy bucks on general days and about hundred bucks in summers.

On more outstanding features of this place is its climate! Just one day, and you’ll know why people are jet black in this place! During summers you’re just out of your bathroom after a shower and you see yourself sweating; you’ve just left you’re room and walked a few yards, you’re shirt is almost drenched in your sweat. Carrying Towel’s instead of Hankies would probably just help you keep dry 🙂 . On the other hand, in winters you get average temperatures of about 10 degrees. Moving around at nights is something that you’d love to do. Rainy season is just the same as in any other place. Just that it’s a bit more! It rains cats and dogs! 🙂

The best part of this place is the roadside tea stalls that you get to find in almost every nook and corner of a street! The taste that you get here in the Coffee’s and Tea’s concocted by them is just unmatchable! There’s this place called Kadhir kadai ( not sure what the name board reads, nevertheless that’s the name we put 🙂 ) that my friends and I have been visiting for the past two years almost daily. You need to taste his coffee to believe me!

Social security is not much of a concern here. There’s this place called Koneru Kuppam , just across the railway line . I’ve been told this is the second most dreaded area in Tamil Nadu (after Madurai). Nevertheless, I haven’t come across any unprecedented events in the past four years. Just that I’ve heard one of my seniors relating his episode of seeing a couple of men dragging the body of a man in a sac. This is an area that we need to cross every day to get over to the University and I personally haven’t seen anything that troublesome.

Ah! Now you ask me the question, what exactly is Kanchipuram famous for? My reply to that is Temples ,Swamigals and Sarees!. That’ll never change. It is like any other town. Just that you get bonded to a place having stayed there for a longtime…

Porsche Unleashed!

It’s been just four days that I’ve got back from my University and the boredom has already started! 🙁 With the project Viva voce done and almost a gap of 10 days for the theory papers to start, I thought I could as well get back home. And now when I’m actually at home, I feel I shouldn’t have come down at the first place! Wonder how I’m gonna spend the remaining three months before Infy starts screwing me up!!

Earlier whenever I used to get bored I would just vanish away from home for a drive on my scooter. Nowadays, the very thought of driving drives me to boredome! All thanks to the two months of my project work at Mehdipatnam!15Kms up and down almost daily,was just enough to sap all my energy and as days passed by, driving which was once my passion turned out more or less to be something which I started detesting!

With nothing much to do, watched Armageddon in the afternoon.Just moments before I fell asleep ( Oh yeah, I tend to fall asleep in between movies!  🙂 )
One of my friends gave me a call and asked me to drop by his house, just for the heck of it. Drove down to a cafe (rather roadside Chai ki dhukaan 🙂 ) and gobbled four samosas and drank about three cups of Irani Chai 🙂 . Then went down to his place and spent some time meddling with his laptop. I’d taken my CD pouch with me as he’d wanted a few CD’s. Just happened to find an Old CD with NFS II SE in it. Of all the racing games I love this one to the core!; for it’s simplicity, for its twin player mode, for it’s features, and the best part, it doesn’t need any installation. It’s been almost a year that I’ve laid my hands on the game. It once used to play decently well on my desktop. Now for some reaon, It just doesn’t run. 🙁  We played with childish enthusiasm for almost half an hour when a call from home brought me back to reality. With a brief shower and haily winds the drive back home was just great! Driving ain’t that bad! After all passions remain passions 🙂

Had my food and practised the Guitar for a while. Well, May 2nd is done with! I now sit before the comp. and start contemplating on tomorrows plans. Any Ideas? No! No! No! I can hear it coming close! No Computer classes 🙂 I’m gonna suffer another two years with that lingo! Give me a break!  Probably i’ll look out for classes on Roller skates  or rather get back to swimmingt!  🙂

Hey,  there’s a sudden hailstorm out here, Going out for now! 🙂


A few days back I was trying to edit my login screen in windows. Things really didn’t work out the way I wanted it to and the system was left in an unstable state.I always have a stripped down Win98 installed to have a quick Xp re-installation in case things don’t work out fine. I wanted to edit my partition table so as to allocate the memory space to serve my needs. I installed Partition magic in 98 and tried to edit the table directly. Everything works out fine and when partitioning is processed and the system restarts, I get into an endless loop of restarts , for no apparent reason. I just couldn’t get into any OS. This is when the Gparted came into the picture. I’d burnt a Gparted ISO sometime back last year just to see if it was worth relying upon. I never used it though. Fortunately, I was reminded of it by the failure of partition magic and I popped in the CD into the drive and rebooted the system. In moments I had my disk configured and freshly re-organised!!Kudos to the developers of GParted! 🙂

Gparted is a bootable disk and you can configure your hard disk right from the boot prompt. It gives you a fundoo linux GUI and is pretty cool and simple to work with. Here is the site where you have an elaborate illustration of Gparted and its  image download link. Time to Gpart!  🙂