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Fred – Senior Citizen Assistant

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What’s the point of leaving a teeny tiny artifact of memories of a human being in the form of an article on this website that no one will read? Probably none, I just do it for myself. Or maybe just to process what I experienced.

Also I guess to subconsciously coax more people to do it? This is a fascinating concept and I wish something that was replicated widely.

Wills and plans

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Replied to Ask the Readers: Resources for Writing a Will? by J.D.Roth (Get Rich Slowly)

Last Friday, I drove from Corvallis to Portland to help my cousin, Duane. Duane has been living with throat cancer for several years now, but in recent months

I used the Tomorrow app to set one up for my family a few years ago. Also last year, I setup an End Plan Document to help them pick the loose ends. Honestly, it’s helped me document things better.

Email encryption

Replied to Sending end-to-end encrypted emails using Thunderbird (OpenPGP). by Atchuth (A new dimension)

Mozilla Thunderbird makes it extremely easy to send end-to-end encrypted emails using OpenPGP. In order to do this, both the sender and the receiver will need to generate a secret and public key pa…

Pretty neat and quick! Didn’t quite explore this feature in Thuderbird till date. I think primarily because email encryption in general only works when both parties are on board. Thunderbird definitely seems to make that process easy. One issue with this traditional approach however is that each email client (on phones or other machines) has…

February 7, 2022 06:25

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To all the creative people out there – anyone have any idea what type of software could be used to create a drawing like this? I want to make a cut-away view inside a building. All I have is a floor plan.

@Alligator Blender should be able to handle something like this.

January 23, 2022 14:45

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Replied to Life is an Experiment and I’m not in the Control Group – (

It’s been a few years since I used Samsung Dex. After watching a video of it, it looks impressive. Unfortunately, I use an iPhone. Why can’t we use our phones as computers? I’d love to just plug my phone in at work or at home and not have to carry a laptop.

My alternative is to switch to Android, and then I could use Dex. But iMessage has a lock on everyone in our family, so I would be the odd one out. I want to fit in, yet I also desire to try new things.

@Alligator I’m glad I got most of my family off apple a few years ago.The ecosystem and apps are great but there’s so little room for fun tweaking. I’ve had my eyes on Dex and Ubuntu’s convergence for a while too. For now though, I’m happy with my modular workstation setup. Another stream of thought…