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May 8, 2021 05:59

Replied to April 18, 2021 16:40 – Srikanth Perinkulam by Philip BrewerPhilip Brewer (

Huh. For some reason, this post didn’t end up as a comment on my site, so I hadn’t noticed it until now.
I am also looking forward to a visit to the National Postal Museum!
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Your post did show up on my site as a mention though! Some day I need to sit and sort this out!

April 22, 2021 06:22

Replied to Trying out live discussion by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller (

I’m experimenting with adding live discussion to every post.
Comments are powered by Cactus, which in turn is powered by the decentralized Matrix project: they’re not monetized or tracked, and you can choose to take part using the Matrix client of your choice instead of on my website. Comments are p…

Whoa..using Matrix as a commenting system! Quite an intriguing implementation.

Time, not Money

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We have a new iPhone in the family. My previous prediction was that Apple will come out with a series of phones, and I’ll upgrade from my iPhone 7 Plus to whatever the large 4G model will be. Apple is certainly run by smarter people than me. They released no non-5G flagship phones. I took up an of…

I am so glad I moved out of the Apple ecosystem a few years back. Was good while I was using it and now that I’m off, I don’t really follow or have the urge to upgrade to the next in-thing. It is liberating and I guess – to each his own! Absolutely love such…

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Many years ago I read a pretty good book: How to Want What You Have by Timothy Miller. It teaches what is basically a stripped down, secularized Buddhism as a way to make yourself happier. I was reminded of it because I’ve just read 10% Happier by Dan Harris, which covers similar material. I’d r…

Philip, You could take practicing your compassion several levels over by driving in Indian traffic. Trust me, I’ve tried doing what your friend suggested several times and finally chose a better solution – let my wife drive. She’s either transcended to zen mode or got way too numbed down with the incessant honking and haphazard,…