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January 23, 2022 14:45

@Alligator I’m glad I got most of my family off apple a few years ago.The ecosystem and apps are great but there’s so little room for fun tweaking. I’ve had my eyes on Dex and Ubuntu’s convergence for a while too. For now though, I’m happy with my modular workstation setup. Another stream of thought is to port the fam to a Snikket/XMPP/matrix ecosystem so we’re lesser dependent on external networks. That’s going to take a bit of planning and coaxing though untill the matrix bridges are a bit more robust :).

Replied to Life is an Experiment and I’m not in the Control Group – (

It’s been a few years since I used Samsung Dex. After watching a video of it, it looks impressive. Unfortunately, I use an iPhone. Why can’t we use our phones as computers? I’d love to just plug my phone in at work or at home and not have to carry a laptop.

My alternative is to switch to Android, and then I could use Dex. But iMessage has a lock on everyone in our family, so I would be the odd one out. I want to fit in, yet I also desire to try new things.

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