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Kovalam Bike ride


Good to be back on the saddle after a while! ~50km ride to Kovalam and back on a very relaxed pace with folks from TFI Chennai. If only chennai had some better weather!  

Millennium Bear Cafe ride


Bike-Brunch-Bike day. 12 miles in total. With temps at 80 and heavy headwind, the uphill at Millenium Park totally reminded me of Tamhini ghat.



Signing off the 53 mile week with a 3hr, 15mile run on the treadmill. The weather looks promising for the next week. Hoping the snow melts down over the next few days. Can’t wait to get back to the trails and dirt roads.



13.5 miles on the treadmill at the Y. Let’s check that off as the first half for this month and my first ever on a treadmill. Was obviously NOT fun. The weather out was in the balmy lower 50s. Initial plan was to finally get some miles out in the trails at Hale Reservation. With…