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All of 65 lbs

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With quite a few developments on the personal front, the last few months has kept me quite ‘busy’. Despite Covid, I did a bunch of travel which is always nice! Last August, Appa kinda lost his patience and wanted to make a trip to India. We figured September was the most optimal time and I flew over to MD to accompany him back. With just a day off work, I was able to finagle a whirlwind weekend trip to the US and back. M and S head over to the states in October to be a bit of a help in MD while I looked after two grand old men here in India. It’s been a while that I’ve done this and but for a few rough days, I loved spending time helping them accomplish what they wanted to over the course of three months. Appa was able to get most of his ‘admin’ stuff done and more importantly got to spend time with his younger brother.

In December I made a quick trip to Delhi to meet folks at work. Was good catching up after all of these months of telework! Mid December and just before the Omicron wave hit the Asian region, we were asked to report into work on premises. Obviously made sense to take Appa back to MD since we didn’t want him to be living alone – more so when we started seeing the Omicron effect in the US, Israel and UK. I accompanied him back on the 31st and used this opportunity to also take some time off to spend with M & S! It was a much needed break and we did get to do a bunch of stuff in the short time that I was there: Got the Moderna booster – In tandem with Jet-lag, the next day fatigue was a killer, Went on a nice date with M to a Thai restaurant – but for the jasmine spray hand sanitizer..UGH!, Took S our for a few hikes, Built a scooter for S, Migrated my servers over to MD, packed my belongings in all of 65lbs and moved to Delhi. The return leg was quite happening with American transferring my booking to BA and transiting  me via Heathrow. Called for a lot of last minute Covid digital paperwork. Thank goodness to smartphones and free WiFi access in Airports!

For now I’m super excited to be in Delhi! Still too many variables at play and oddly that seems to be the constant in our lives. Can’t wait to explore this fascinating city and then head further up north during the weekends. Omicron is going to hugely shape the next few months and I’m going to make best use of the wrenches it’s gonna throw.

Happy (Belated) New Year!

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