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Patapsco thru trail loop

  • SSP 

Most of the morning today was spent wasted on getting the RT-PCR for the upcoming travel. M suggested we hit the trails with N & A as they had a snow day – after-effects of the winter storm earlier this week. We decided to head to the Patapsco thru trail since we didn’t have much daylight hours left. The snow showers earlier this week and dusk setting in made this place look terrific!

The intent was to hike down to the Patapsco river, follow the trail along the banks and loop back within a mile or so. We’ve been here before so I kinda knew the loop – or so I thought. We took the wrong fork a mile or so in and even before sunset made our way back to the car. S had a terrific time spotting Santa and the reindeer’s amidst the tree and she had her 101 on trail markers. Dainty queen that she is, she chose to sit in the carrier and  avoid all the snow on her snow shoes.

Today was just so beautiful!

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