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Wapack Training


Miled about 16. To Harvard and back, well almost. Driving earlier in the day today Miss Me and I scouted another route for me to run. Head toward newton street, then instead of turning to the right towards south street head straight up beyond Putnam circle onto VFW parkway. Bordered Allandale woods and decided to…


2mi to the optometrist, contact ‘fittings’ and then 4mi back home via the ‘short-cut’. Listened to the Outside podcast on Joe Stone’s crash while speed flying. Spring is in and so is the warm weather. So gonna miss the freezing runs.


6 miles on the VFW loop. Good to be back on the roads. Never thought rest would be so painful. Should probably ease back in to the schedule and get some longer miles over the weekend.


2.5 miles around oak square. Resting out the legs. Some cold treatment and hopefully the muscles relax out over the next few days.


A six mile short cut from CHS. Head over to the reservoir and then looped back to newton street via JD auto. No way compensates the 15mile run I had to do yesterday. New route and home by 5. Good days!