Miled about 16. To Harvard and back, well almost. Driving earlier in the day today Miss Me and I scouted another route for me to run. Head toward newton street, then instead of turning to the right towards south street head straight up beyond Putnam circle onto VFW parkway.

Bordered Allandale woods and decided to head towards the Yoga studio in Brookline. Legs felt pretty good and weather was cold and crisp with a light drizzle. Decided to go further on and hit the Boston University bridge. Boston looked so pretty tonight from Cambridge. Ran further upto Harvard and finally decided to turn around. Called Miss Me and asked for a pick up at her Studio.

Could have easily gone to 25 miles. Wasn’t quite in the mood to head back on the home stretch. Also wasn’t sufficiently fueled with liquids through the day. So decided to call it a day (night). 16 miles and a climb of 300 steps earlier in the day today at Bunker Hill Monument. One of those really good, fulfilling days!


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