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Wapack Training


8miles on the regular VFW route. Was actually up at around 4am. After a miserable run yesterday was in no mood to run. Studied for a few hours and got back to bed. Miss Me managed to get me out of bed and hit the road. The Snow storm was about to hit by 5am,…


Terrible 8 miles. Good pace though. Couldn’t get to think anything all through the run. One of those shitty days.

Middlesex 17 miler

A good 5 hours out in the woods. Terribly underestimated the skyline trail. Quite a few foot slips and ankle twists made it more of a hike than a run. Also looks like my body is ‘reacting’ to the¬†weekday runs. Badly needed some tummilicious food at mile 13. Note to self for future runs!

Finally got around visiting the Wrights tower! Despite visiting the fells several times over the last few years, I’ve never really ‘made it’ to this section of the trail. The tower by itself is nothing impressive but it does have some interesting history. Ice from here was apparently exported to India way back in the 1800s when Middlesex fells was a commercial plot. The tower gets it’s name from Elizur Wright who was instrumental in converting the erstwhile commercial land to what is now called the Middlesex Fells reservation.

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