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After a good one year away from Whatsapp, I’m back on it . This time however, on better terms.  All thanks to the Mautrix bridge and the Matrix protocol.  Essentially, I can access my whatsapp account data on my regular phone or desktop using Elements’ pretty robust app system. Note that the whatsapp app however…

Linux and Bash 101

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Bookmarked Effective Linux & Bash for Data Scientists by Guy SmoilovskyGuy Smoilovsky (DAGsHub Blog)

Tips, tricks, and convenient bottom-up explanations on Linux & terminals for data scientists or other techies.

This is a terrific intro to all things linux and the terminal. Something I wish I’d come across when I was learning the ropes several years ago. I’d almost forgotten about alias!  

State of The Networks – Jun 2020

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A quick rundown on the state of the home-servers I run or applications I host on the cloud. My ‘Homelab’ setup has not changed much since my last update in January. I did add in a switch and installed a wireguard vpn on the RPI 3B+ that fronts as a reverse proxy for the Nextcloud…


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So far I had all the micro-servers in the home network connected either to a LAN port or to an Orbi Satellite. This week I implemented a simple 8 port un-managed TP-Link switch into my ‘homelab’. Costed just about 18 bucks with a price-match from amazon and it has tremendously improved upload/download speeds! Also it’s…

Optimizing images

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My Samsung phone by default generates pretty high resolution pictures. Even with the most basic setting, captured images turn out to be ~3MB! I’m not a huge photo buff and don’t necessarily need such high clarity pictures which consume a lot of space. I recently came across two amazing utilities that help optimize images in…