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Snappy Nextcloud

Last year, I procured a Nextcloud box and moved part of my data to it. I'd just heard about Ubuntu Snappy Core OS and was keen on porting my install to that setup. I finally got around doing that last week and thought I'd quickly jot down the install steps for reference later. Essentially, I… Continue Reading

Enabling WiFi from the terminal

After a few rough beta installs of the OS, I decided to do a clean install of  Freya. It's been a smooth sail so far but for the intermittent WiFi disconnects. For some reason the WiFi gets soft disabled at times. Until I figure out what's causing this to happen and for future reference here's a nifty… Continue Reading

Dual booting Multiple OS

Hosting more that one OS on your hard disk can be a pain if you're not really sure on configuring the boot loader. I'll confine the scope of this post to parenting only Debian based Linux OS ( Ubuntu ) and WIndoze. Because for the most part of it, I've only worked on them. Why… Continue Reading

Passwords and Security

Just ten minutes before I was supposed to leave for work yesterday,  I had this remote urge to get back Hardy running on my desktop. I had it installed but because of a windows re-install, the GRUB boot menu was overwritten. So all that I had to do was to re-install Grub!  Powered the CPU , inserted Gutsy's… Continue Reading

The Heron’s up there in the Servers!

The Ubuntu family has now doled out their latest OS - Ubuntu 8.04 code named - Hardy Heron. This release is more than different when compared to it's previous releases. Majorly because it's got a Wubi installer which facilitates installation directly from a Windows platform. The OS gets installed on the same partition just like… Continue Reading

OpenSolaris Installation

I'd ordered the Solaris 10 DVD from a third party agent a few days back. It did avoid the hassle of downloading the code from the website and burning it on to a ROM and the service by Rainbow Computech was pretty good. I got the DVD delivered to my home in three days with… Continue Reading

Gutsy Gibbon 7.1O – Ubuntu

Finally, Installed Gutsy on my system today! :-)After failed attempts to install it last weekend, I was a bit apprehensive this time. But today, two minutes into the install I realized where I was faltering. I'd created four partitions on my Hard disk of 30 Gigs each for Windows. Fiesty was running on the remaining… Continue Reading


Two weeks and counting! :-) I've got Ubuntu and Microsoft Xp installed on my system with dual boot configured. Still I haven't logged into Windows for two weeks! The moment I'm in front of my desktop once I'm back from office, It's Grub> modprobe> Ubuntu. I care a damn about windows now. Last year connectivity… Continue Reading

Ubuntu: BSNL Broadband Connection

Holla... My first post typed in from Ubuntu with it hooked to the net!!! Just managed to configure the Broadband connection in Ubuntu!! Am on cloud nine, given the fact that I'd been struggling in vain for the past few months to get a few Linux flavours hooked on to the net. Believe me, There… Continue Reading

Fedora 7

The OSS and Red Hat community have launched their latest OS. Parting from their age old nomenclature, they now prefer to call it Fedora 7 and not Fedora Core 7. It's available for download here. For those of you people with access to snail paced connectivity to the internet, there's a provision to request for… Continue Reading

Feisty Fawn – Ubuntu 7.04

I've tried installing almost all flavours of Linux on my old system. Starting from Red Hat and going all the way till Ubuntu. Each installation came along with its appended troubles, thanks to my ignorance then. One main constriction I had was the hardware configuration of my machine. It was a pentium celeron running on… Continue Reading


I've upgraded my old system (the 440 Lx) to a brand new Core2Duo ! If you've read a few of my previous posts you'd definitely have come across my ventures with Linux on my old system. I've been and I still am a hard core fan of Linux for the past three years and I've… Continue Reading