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State of The Networks – Jun 2020

A quick rundown on the state of the home-servers I run or applications I host on the cloud.

My ‘Homelab’ setup has not changed much since my last update in January. I did add in a switch and installed a wireguard vpn on the RPI 3B+ that fronts as a reverse proxy for the Nextcloud media devices. I also got a Seagate 2TB drive and built two partitions into it. One acts as a backup for my Nextcloud files and the other is a ‘cold backup’ of my Hetzner cloud instance.

For personal use, I maintain two remote cloud servers on Hetzner:

Hetzner 01:

The first server essentially handles most of my social and productivity tools. Fronted by Traefik and running in docker containers, the following services run on the 8GB server:

  • Bookstack – Wiki software which I am currently using to help publish my dad’s second book
  • Known – FB alternative. I mostly use this as a quick bookmarking tool. I also post short updates or status notes here infrequently.
  • WordPress  – I run 4 instances of WordPress – Portals for folks in my family.
  • Wallabag – Read-later app
  • Pixelfed – My go-to space to post individual images.
  • Selfoss – The light-weight feed-reader that I pipe all my RSS subscriptions to.
  • Nextcloud – This one’s more to test the recent releases before I deploy them on my homelab.
  • Trilium Notes – My go-to place to save quick notes
  • Signal-CLI – I use this for server trigger notifications to be sent via SMS
  • Mattermost – Slack alternative
  • Etherpad – Quick, collaborative notes

Hetzner 02:

This server hosts my Matrix and Jitsi Conference applications. While at it, I also have a Riot instance running in parallel that fronts the Synapse install.


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    Traefik says:

    Thanks for the mention, Srikanth! 😀 We hope you’ll join us soon for an upcoming Traefik Online Meetup!

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