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So far I had all the micro-servers in the home network connected either to a LAN port or to an Orbi Satellite. This week I implemented a simple 8 port un-managed TP-Link switch into my ‘homelab’. Costed just about 18 bucks with a price-match from amazon and it has tremendously improved upload/download speeds! Also it’s pretty cool to visually see that the RPi3B+ boards are being throttled at 10/100Mbps while the RPi4 is rummaging at 1000Mbps.

While at it, I re-purposed a few card-board boxes and built a bare bones stack. Ain’t pretty does absolutely does the job!


  • 💬 State of The Networks – Jun 2020 | Srikanth Perinkulam
  • 💬 by Srikanth Perinkulam

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