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Deep waters

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A few days back, I posted an early morning shot in Instagram. I don’t use the app as much as i’d like to; however that morning I spent some time sifting through various posts. A post by maptia totally got my attention.Read More »Deep waters

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Kickass morning run!

Nash’s Equilibrium

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A short, simple and interesting segue into the Nash’s equilibrium

Image Credit: Co-Hiker DH

Breathtaking trails

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Setting up a placeholder for all the hikes I’d like to do. As and when time permits, I shall update these listings with more details. [table id=2 /] Compiled from Buzzfeed , Lifehack, IndiaHikes and the rest of the internet.  

Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei

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YouTube put this up on my suggested videos list. Magnificent! Adding the Leshan Giant Buddha to my travel list.