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Reimann Hypothesis

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I wouldn’t say I understood all of it, but this video from Quanta Magazine is one of the best explanations I’ve seen so far that attempts to connect prime numbers with the Reimann Hypothesis.

Ephemeral devices

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This is fascinating! A few GPS devices apparently had a mild(?) path offset issue few days ago: The issue has to do with the ephemeris data file, also called the EPO file (Extended Prediction Orbit) or Connected Predictive Ephemeris (CPE). Or simply the satellite pre-cache file. That’s the file that’s delivered to your device on…

The Perinkulam Library

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I chanced on Calibre-Web last week and finally got around better organizing my book collection. I really like the way it’s turned out and if anything, this has been a silent nudge to read more and read frequently! The beauty of this is that, I can now share my collection with friends and family just…


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Came across this phenomenal documentary from Patagonia about the Tarkine in North western Tasmania. Reminded me of the incessant wood logging that I witnessed almost on every backpacking trip across the western ghats in India. Irrationality of humans blows my mind beyond all proportions. If only there was a master switch to reset it all……

Marrow Donor

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Back in India, about eight years ago a colleague of mine sent out out an e-mail blast to the company bulletin board checking to see if anyone was a marrow donor. His son needed a transplant and the odd’s weren’t in his favor. I had no clue what that entailed and read up a bit…