Came across this phenomenal documentary from Patagonia about the Tarkine in North western Tasmania.

Reminded me of the incessant wood logging that I witnessed almost on every backpacking trip across the western ghats in India. Irrationality of humans blows my mind beyond all proportions. If only there was a master switch to reset it all…

Marrow Donor

Back in India, about eight years ago a colleague of mine sent out out an e-mail blast to the company bulletin board checking to see if anyone was a marrow donor. His son needed a transplant and the odd’s weren’t in his favor. I had no clue what that entailed and read up a bit on it.  Later that evening as I tried registering on to the Be the match portal, I realized they didn’t have the support framework to sign-on users outside the U.S. It didn’t take a minute for me to close the tab and get back to what I was doing. A couple weeks later I learnt the kid died and somewhere deep in my heart I regretted not trying harder to sign-up or figure a way around. But again with all things good and bad, that moment passed and I moved on.

A few months back a good old friend shared a post seeking marrow donors. I had no excuses this time around. I immediately signed up online and received the swab kit in a few days. Sent that out just before we flew to India for a short trip and late last month I received my donor card. It’s highly unlikely I’ll be called in for a match. But I’m psyched! If not anything, I’ve incremented the list of very short Indian origin donors by one. Given the lack of pro-activeness in such issues I see within the Indian society (even within my own family), there’s a long way to go. This has to change! We need more people in the pool for this to work and just cannot wait until a close family member falls sick to realize the monstrosity of the problem.

One of my goals over the next few months is to coax more of my family members to sign-up. It all starts in your home!

Johanna – Freediving

Several years back when I got my scuba diving certification,  I literally had no words to describe my experience. A few years later when I chanced upon James Nestor’s Deep on free diving, I was shocked, mesmerized and stoked all at once. I literally gulped the book and to date it is one of those books that I could totally get absorbed in one go.

I keep telling Miss Me how at times, I catch myself not breathing. While mostly it’s psychological, I also believe at some level it is sub-conscious. And then when you’re almost consumed by the mundane necessities with everyday chores, videos such as this bring your breath back – in one whole swoop.There’s so much depth in this video that keeps you wanting to re-watch it. I love the cold and freezing temperatures. I yearn for vast, untouched landscapes. And true silence gets me deeply captivated. This clip encompasses all that in so many levels all through.

And if that didn’t do enough justice here’s the behind the scenes.