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Deep waters

A few days back, I posted an early morning shot in Instagram. I don’t use the app as much as i’d like to; however that morning I spent some time sifting through various posts. A post by maptia totally got my attention.

I bookmarked the page to read later during the weekend. Late yesterday evening as I read James Morgan’s article on the sea nomads and another thought provoking article – ‘In search of Whales’ by Anuar Patjane,  it kindled fond memories of the scuba dive Meena and I did in 2012. We didn’t quite encounter mammals of that scale, neither did we dive to such depths. But the sheer presence in an environment alien to us and the first hand exposure to the magnanimity and the beauty surrounding us was immeasurably humbling.

I learned that the ocean gives all — the most beautiful moments full of life and joy, but that it can also take everything away in just a few short seconds, replacing life and beauty with violence and death. – Anuar Patjane

How true! Every time I set foot in water I’m reminded of an age-old maxim my grandmother used to mention to us as kids, to get our guards on while visiting the beach. The ocean in all its magnanimity lets you fool around twice. The first time you challenge it, it gently wades you back to the shore. The second time you question its power, it proves how minuscule you are, but still gets you back to the shore. The third time you decide to move against it, it absolutely consumes you and makes you a part of itself.

This year, it’s time to revisit my Scuba certifications and get some interesting dives in.



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