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Procured our third bike and our first ever mountain bike this weekend. Should be a brilliant add-on to my GMC road bike and Miss Me's hybrid rovr. A cousin was heading back to India and we'd mentioned we'd love to purchase it from him if he was interested in selling it. Late yesterday evening I… Continue Reading

Tour of Kangra ride

Day One 27th January, 2012 Dharamshala – Shahpur – Lunj – Masroor Rock Temples – Nagrota suriyan (Distance 85 kms) Day Two 28th January, 2012 Nagrota suriyan – Ranital – Baroh – Nangni – Jaisinghpur – Andretta – Baijnath – Bir (103 kms) Day Three 29th January, 2012 Bir – Baijnath – Palampur – Dharamshala… Continue Reading

The Korlai Ride

The road ahead seems to penetrate into infinity as the sky gets overcast. Sounds from the innumerable streams cascading from the towering ranges abutting the road on the left side, seem to be magically muted by the strong gusts of wind. There's not a soul on the road kilometres ahead and kilometres behind. I stand… Continue Reading

The Freedom ride ’09

The atlas cycle in front of me squeaks as the rider careens into one of the construction sites of the Aliens group. As I follow in tandem, I'm swept over by the cheers of the construction workers standing by the gates to welcome us into the rest station. Thumping music pulsates the 100+ crowd and… Continue Reading

The Charminar ride

The moment I signal and move to the right towards the English and Foreign languages university , I realise I'm in for trouble. In moments, a speed breaker comes in my vision scope and the mud guard rattles on the front tires. The Lumala pivots instantaneously on the front tire and even before I make… Continue Reading

The Bidar ride

03-Jan-08 04:30hrs  - After a quick jog,  as I stand at the APSRTC bus stand in Tarnaka, I'm reminded of the two years I effectively wasted preparing for the IITs. This was the place where my brother and I used to board the bus to reach Vidyanagar for the morning classes. Every day spent trying… Continue Reading

That splendid Hug

It's a tremendous sensation when you roll down a steep slope with literally no control on the bike. All you know is you have the disc brakes to protect you and that there's no traffic coming head on.  But for the whizzing sound of the wind cutting across your helmet and the wheels slicing through… Continue Reading