The Korlai Ride

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  3. Hi,

    Went thru your blog in a chance search for hotels or B&Bs on the raigad beach front stretch. I thot I must compliment you for your precise and exhaustive account of events and your wonderful snaps. Makes for a good read. Also made me relive my college days when we used to have monsoon picnics, etc……..

    Enjoy with your friends and keep doing the good work of blogging your travels.

    Manasi, Mumbai

  4. there you go…wherever my a** was paining, you appeared to be taking a gulp of fresh air and were enjoying the ride 😉 ……boy, lagging behind at 4th place…no company, and no one to speak to this time.

  5. @Rakesh Thanks! When are you heading back next?
    @Bani I wouldn’t be human if it didn’t 😉
    @Ajay TripNaksha is what I tried at first. That’s when I raised those suggestions! Now that they’re set right, I’ll head back to you post the next ride 🙂

  6. Loved the pictures with the clouds kissing the mountains. Looks like you had it all in this ride – roads, beaches, hills, forts, what not! I haven’t seen Kashid beach, but looks crowded (I love empty ones) from your picture.

    And how am I ever gonna be able to convince you to use TripNaksha instead of dailymile and the rest :).

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