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Procured our third bike and our first ever mountain bike this weekend. Should be a brilliant add-on to my GMC road bike and Miss Me’s hybrid rovr. A cousin was heading back to India and we’d mentioned we’d love to purchase it from him if he was interested in selling it.

Late yesterday evening I rode from Shrewsbury to Southborough. Google maps got me through some very interesting roads for about 15 miles. Roads I wouldn’t have thought of taking had I hit the much shorter and more straight forward route.

At one point I wasn’t quite sure if I was entering private property. Just about when I was thinking of playing it safe and heading back to the state highway – 9 East, I came across a lady walking her dog. She confirmed maps was indeed right and the property was a public access road. Thanked her and hit the almost non existent entry to the trail. Hit some beautiful farms and then Lake Chauncey right off the corner! The trail led on to 30 East and even before I knew it I was in Southborough.

So glad we decided to hold off on fixing the bike rack to the Smart!

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