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Coach R

Yet another terrific early AM outing to the beach. S and V joined Coach R’s group for an athletics workout session. As one of his junior coaches guided the kids on the beach sand drills, I took this opportunity to chat up with this cheerful 75+(?) year old gentleman. Quite a humbling personality and a…

Immunity Amnesia

#TIL When infected with measles, the immune system takes a reboot and abruptly erases every memory of pathogen it’s had before, essentially making your body vulnerable to infections. Rebuilding immunity takes years… in 2002, a group of Japanese scientists discovered that the receptor the measles virus binds to – a kind of molecular lock that…


Coach R didn’t quite turn up today. Super slow run-walk giving Miss V company. Tad bit far but this beach stretch is pretty nice. 2022-02-12 06:02:48 – VGP Morning run 🏃 Ran 1.13 miles in 00:18:54 Pace : 16.73 min/mile. Elevation Gain : 42 ft. Elevation Loss : 42 ft. Calories : 196 Location :…

Garmin Plugin

Spent some time today quasi-automating the gpx fetch and mapping from garmin. A modified python script fetches the gpx from garmin-connect and builds the map-tiles that I can now embed in my workout posts. I simultaneously back these up in my nextcloud instance for redundancy and am otally thrilled how this is all come together!


Back at MC for a few more loops. 2022-02-08 16:50:49 – MC loops R-W-R 🏃 Ran 2.4 miles in 00:38:43 Pace : 16.14 min/mile. Elevation Gain : 112 ft. Elevation Loss : 870 ft. Calories : 414 Location : Chennai 💓 : 161