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Corpse Demon

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Listened Corpse Demon from Radiolab Podcasts | WNYC Studios

Where vultures, Zoroastrianism and modern medicine meet.

Super interesting how so many things unrelated connect in weird ways!


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Terrific night at Pinche Bar. M would have had a great time had she come.

January 8, 2024 00:35

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Replied to Workouts! by Philip BrewerPhilip Brewer (

Although I haven’t quite achieved my aspirational goal of doing all the workouts I want to do, I have been getting workouts in, and they’ve been going pretty well. Last week I did my club swinging workout twice, my kettlebell clean & press workout, my kettlebell swing workout, and my HEMA practi…

Ouch! You probably need to get their Expedition edition for 2024.

Desk Organizer

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Bought a desk organizer a few weeks ago to arrange all my micro systems. The NUC, RPi NCP, Odroid and routers all now sit neatly in one space. The sliding shelves are an added bonus and the open back and sides give a lot of space for air circulation and cable management.

Medium dark roast

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A got some green beans when she came over on a flying visit. Roasted these the other day. Super aromatic and flavorful.