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July 6, 2023 12:39

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S had a seemingly sudden meltdown on the way back from her roller skating class asking for a ‘Hello Kitty Donut’. She hopped off her bike and said she won’t ride it until we got her one that very instant. M told her we could talk about it once we’re home. The looming thunder clouds…


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Every kid should be taught the surgeon’s knot. Ever since I started using it to tie my shoe laces, not once has it failed!


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Appa’s been mentioning Luray Caverns for a while now, so we decided to head there this weekend. He did pretty well despite his knees giving him a tough time. ‘Oh so worth it. Simbly beautiful’ – his words! While at it, we got our annual national parks pass and decided to do the scenic drive…

Poconos Fam

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This labor day weekend, the fam VRBOd a pretty nice woodsy property in the Poconos. It’s been years since some of us have met! The adults had some great time together just winding down while the kids literally brought the place down. The property had direct access to the Beltzville lake and almost everyone took…


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As I walked up from the basement this early morning, I got to capture this beautiful picture of the light from the laundry room ‘lighting’ up the lamp from the Kolam. We performed Appa’s Satabhishekam today. His sisters could attend the ceremony in person and a good bunch of family zoomed in. Until yesterday, we…