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The pains and joys of self-hosting and tinkering. There’s always something that is broken, ready to be fixed, to be upgraded, can be built upon or changed. It is like a puzzle that constantly evolves depending on the time you invest in it. And every once in a while it exposes the silver lining that…

PhotoPrism Albums

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M and I tend to share photos with family and friends on various chat groups. While straightforward, It felt redundant to share copies of the same pictures in multiple places. I’ve been looking for options to share album links instead that would give us a bit more control. All our photos are primarily saved in…


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Been looking for a Google voice number replacement for sometime now and looks like I might have found one that meets most of my needs. Just got a JMP number and ordered a sim with a data plan. The cheogram app so far has been great and once I get the SIM I might slowly…

Grand Vitara

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Brought the Grand Vitara home today. We’d been on the lookout for a decent car ever since we knew about our next posting. We don’t need one here in CDMX but would definitely need one in Yaounde. All I wanted was a reliable bare minimum car with no gadgetry shabangs. Over the last few months…


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Went to a Blue Man Group performance last Friday. Our first and most likely last. The drums were great but the theatrics left a lot to be desired. Also didn’t help that S was in one of her super emotional moods…