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August 3, 2021 16:17

A really inquisitive young monkey made its way to the pool area and had its fair share of fun skirting along the pool circumference and jumping in on the shallow end to ‘play’ with the water toys. On our way out, Shasta had a close encounter with him/her and was amazed by his eye color!…

July 30, 2021 11:24

Not sure how I came across this, but I’m so glad I did bookmark it to watch-later. A beautiful film with terrific snow mountain videography and kids! Having Shasta probably makes me appreciate this a lot more… https://vimeo.com/574547591

July 25, 2021 16:02

Meena video interviewed my dad this weekend. The intent was to document his thoughts and perspectives of the years gone by and to get glimpses of his generation. We learnt so many interesting things about our family that we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t done this. An oral history of sorts! This has been…

July 1, 2021 04:00

#TIL you don’t quite have to give your email address (or it’s alias) to subscribe to substack newsletters. Just append ‘/feed’ to the publication link to fetch its RSS feed.


Warmup { 30 sec plank 10 sec rest 30 sec BW squat 10 sec rest 30 sec bounding } x 6 4 min rest { 10 sec slow high knees 10 sec medium high knees 10 sec fast high knees 30 sec rest } x 8 Cool-down 2021-06-28 15:49:40 – The Quad 16/30 🤸 Cardio…