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2023 Year end note

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JAN M&S did a whirlwind trip to Abu dhabi, Dubai, Chennai. Weddings and why-not? FEB M,S & I hiked up Shenandoah National Parks highest point – Hawksbill summit The three of us did a flying visit to Houston Took Aarav out on a little hike to Little Bennet regional park. Poor kid trusted me enough…

Dumbing down

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A few things I’d really like to dumb down or sort out over the next few weeks: Site: This site runs on WordPress, has facets of the indieweb, has ActivityPub and a crude implementation of self engineered micropost interface. All cool but needs quite a trim to make the best use of all these features.…

Notas de mitad de año

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With quite a few things constantly evolving over the last several months, I haven’t actively paid much attention to this space. I’ve posted a few micro posts now and then, but nowhere close to chronicling things as much as I’d like to. This is a quick run down of a few things occupying my mind…

PCS – Orientation

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After three years of focused effort, this July 5th, I will be taking the Oath of Office as a Foreign Service Specialist. Super thrilled! The last twelve months has been crazy busy with lots of travel amidst heavy uncertainty. And our PCS move last week has been nothing different. We’re still waiting on Travel Order…


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Today marks my last day as a Certifying officer with USAID. Quite typical with my previous career moves, there was a fair share of uncertainty when I signed up for this position. I wasn’t very sure what exactly I was getting into and I guess that was likely the draw too. It’s been a terrific…