Category: Milestones

Weekender – 04/09

Watched a live Ballet performance at the Strand theater.  My first ever and mesmerizing to say the least! Was a bit skeptical when I got to know the theater was in Dorchester. Nevertheless, was pleasantly surprised as we walked to the theater from the station. Some areas reminded me of the lesser populated areas in NYC. Decided to… Continue Reading

Weekender – 04/02

Got back to reading Shantaram and Living with a Seal this weekend. Shantaram was Meena's pick (gift for Christmas) and Living with a seal was Ankur's recommendation (nudge to get back to fitness!). Of late reading has taken a back stage. Current target is to read these two books for the month. Late last week chanced upon… Continue Reading

It’s official!

It all winds back to a random October afternoon in 2012. Meena and I were driving around in Chennai finishing up some printing errands when we have this discussion on students, schools and graduate programs. We were trying to figure out tier A, B and C schools for a student whom her dad was counselling and… Continue Reading

2014 Highlights

Took some time out today to make sure I post a year-end update for 2014. I somehow seem to have missed doing this for the past three years.  Looking back, this year has been extremely fulfilling - both professionally and personally. Here's a quick rewind: January: Interned at Deloitte for two months. My first actuarial… Continue Reading


Cleared the second Actuarial Exam today! Set the chopper as an incentive for me to pass some months back. Eventually grew out of it and was later gifted a fitbit by wifey. The chopper here was gifted by us to a roommate who'd cleared this exam earlier. For some reason, this one exam took quite… Continue Reading

Looking back at 2010…

Over the past few months, there's a lot thats been happening; but for some reason I just didn't take the time out to visit this space. With the school closed down for the Christmas break and keeping up with the self imposed rule of updating my blog every year-end, here's a quick snapshot  of 'my'… Continue Reading