It’s official!

It all winds back to a random October afternoon in 2012. Meena and I were driving around in Chennai finishing up some printing errands when we have this discussion on students, schools and graduate programs. We were trying to figure out tier A, B and C schools for a student whom her dad was counselling and midst that discussion, I happen to mention I should apply to schools just for the heck of it. The moment freezes and she gives me the typical ‘Meena-look’ and says – ‘Let’s do it!’.

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2014 Highlights

Took some time out today to make sure I post a year-end update for 2014. I somehow seem to have missed doing this for the past three years.  Looking back, this year has been extremely fulfilling – both professionally and personally. Here’s a quick rewind:
  • Interned at Deloitte for two months. My first actuarial internship and a great start to the year.
  • Attended the SOA Hartford Student Connect. Great drive to the ‘Insurance capital of the world’ and a good day spent meeting practicing actuaries.
  • Bought a new bike – my first ever road bike! [icon name=”bicycle” class=””]

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Cleared the second Actuarial Exam today! Set the chopper as an incentive for me to pass some months back. Eventually grew out of it and was later gifted a fitbit by wifey. The chopper here was gifted by us to a roommate who’d cleared this exam earlier. For some reason, this one exam took quite…

Looking back at 2010…

Over the past few months, there’s a lot thats been happening; but for some reason I just didn’t take the time out to visit this space. With the school closed down for the Christmas break and keeping up with the self imposed rule of updating my blog every year-end, here’s a quick snapshot  of ‘my’…

Crossing the rickety bridge…

Today was my last day in Infosys – An end of  2.8yrs of  learning to be a software engineer and trying to ‘fit in the groove’ for having followed the mass psyche…Thankfully before it got too late,  I realised IT wasn’t really my cup of tea and decided to trust my instincts rather than follow…

Gut Instinct, Twitter and My Career

I’ve always wanted to wake up in the morning and find the day ahead unpredictable. I wanted to think on my toes and look for a challenging day ahead that would need me to take decisions on the fly. I wanted to have a slice of ‘adventure’ every day in my life. Over time I realised its more promising to trust your gut instinct than anything else. I personally feel relying on ‘gut instinct’ is not just doing things impulsively but It’s more about taking decisions on the fly which inherently is strengthened over time based on your past experiences through a subconscious thought process.

A year and a half back I signed off my ‘one year in IT‘ post with this statement- ‘Probably I’ll be doing something starkly different next year or for all you know still be eluded by the mirage of recognition all the way lamenting ‘C’est la Vie ‘ and keep moving.’ Little did I realise what was concocting. I should have seen this coming way back then. Three months from now I’ll be making a paradigm shift in my career and what else do I attribute this to but for one of Rohan Kini’s tweet!

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Reflections from 09…

Reached home quite late after an active day at work. Scrapped the ‘New year party’ plan and decided to crash after a quick dinner. A perfunctory check of my e-mail throws about twenty ‘greeting’ mails. I invariably tend to shift+delete such e-mails as I prefer talking over the phone to e-mails/SMS/IM. But one particular mail from my sister just swept me off my feet..- ‘may this new year bring you closer and closer to everything you want to do…‘ These simple words are something that have stood by me all through. Miles away, she’s someone who’s been such a wonderful source of motivation for each and everything I do – day in and day out and I couldn’t see any better way of thanking her than warding off my sleep to take snapshot of the amazing year 0f 2009!

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As I turn 21

I’d written this long post on my 21st Birthday when I didn’t even have a blog. Happened to come across this when sifting through my e-mails and thought I’d save and back post this for records… December 12th 2006: It’s been almost six months that i’ve been placed in Infosys. But still at times, I…