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Today marks my last day as a Certifying officer with USAID. Quite typical with my previous career moves, there was a fair share of uncertainty when I signed up for this position. I wasn’t very sure what exactly I was getting into and I guess that was likely the draw too. It’s been a terrific year and a half – Timing our relocation amidst the pandemic, Sifting between remote and on-premises, moving from the States and between the States, Balancing team and personality dynamics and over the last couple months – making the most of our time in Delhi. I’ll cherish my time here over the next several years and walk out having met and worked with some awesome colleagues.

That said, I am pretty psyched on our next move. It’s been a long time coming and would mark a good transition from being a generalist to a specialist. Can’t wait for the randomness, surprises and ofcourse a good bunch of travel to unfold.

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