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Moving on…

As we stood there in front of the casket, me pouring the last drop of water in his mouth, memories flashed in front of my eyes. Of monkeys cornering us that early morning on their house terrace in Ahmedabad; Of walking on the busy roads in Habsiguda, him walking on my left, guarding me from… Continue Reading


I get into my house, I believe from the side entrance. Looks like there's nobody in there. It's mildly windy. Possibly from an open window? There's a barely audible calming music from MS coming out from the bedroom. As I walk in, I notice TVM in the bed cocooned in a blanket, her eye's glazed… Continue Reading

Vishu Kani

VishuKani 2017. My first ever kani setup. Vishu has always been one of my favorite festivals. The simplicity and the depth of celebrations that Appa and Amma had for us, is something I'd always remember. May we all have a prosperous, enriching and mesmerizing year ahead. FullSizeRender Continue Reading


Today evening, something just drew me to the the place that changed the way the past few years have evolved. Could not keep away from that road and building that I´ve been avoiding for the past so many years. I walk up the ramp slowly to the topmost floor.The Nepali guard watches me from the… Continue Reading

The Woman in the Mundu!

The bus jerks along on the road as I get back home from Office. It's only 6:30pm and I've still got about 20kms to traverse. That effectively translated to an hour's time given the traffic situation at M'patnam. A colleague seated beside me is hooked to the Fountainhead in her hands and is already drooping.… Continue Reading

The Cow and I!

Ghai hamari mataa hai. Ghai shaakahaari jaanvar hai. Ghai ghaas-phoos khati hai. Ghai doodh deti hai. Ghai khali ya safed rang hoti hai... :-) I still remember that wonderful essay I'd written as a test to gain admission to Sandeepam Vidhyalaya! I was reminded of this episode today during my French class session. We were… Continue Reading