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Since March 2020, I’ve had this internal debate of getting the Covid Vaccine mostly underlined by the following:

Every strand of mRNA is made up of four molecular building blocks called nucleosides. But in its altered, synthetic form, one of those building blocks, like a misaligned wheel on a car, was throwing everything off by signaling the immune system. So Karikó and Weissman simply subbed it out for a slightly tweaked version, creating a hybrid mRNA that could sneak its way into cells without alerting the body’s defenses.

  • We unfortunately have not had a spectacular history with vaccines. With humans involved and the ensuing politics, money and power-plays; vaccines are built for the average human being. Then with anything manufactured and delivered at scale, we’re prone to Logistics and Supply chain Management issues.
  • Covid19 vaccines are not a once and done deal. The effects last apparently at most a year.

I did cave in and got the first ‘jab’ of the Moderna vaccine today at the Consulate. As with all vaccines and medical interventions, this was not quite an easy decision. The decision was probably 40% gut, 40% trusting the mechanics of the mRNA vaccine and 20% of ‘Why am I even considering it’. The drivers for the gut-feeling likely being:

  • Getting the vaccine would possibly break the link in transmitting the virus to an immune-compromised person. We live with our in-laws and that’s the least I can do for them.
  • I consider myself to be a fairly young and healthy person and absolutely do not mind wearing masks and exercising social distancing. However, I’ve shamefully caught myself pulling down the mask during brief interactions with people. Despite best efforts, the masking system alone is not fool-proof.
  • I need to be outdoors to stay healthy and be sane. Travel and Freedom are my primary ‘movers’.
  • From an extremely exaggerated perspective, I see C19 as the Smallpox / Polio of this century. Few folks in the family are still reeling with the brutal after-effects of these diseases. I think I can take the risk of the possible side-effects for the marginal leg-up the vaccine might give my immune system in case I contract the virus.

Folks in the family are leaning towards getting the Covaxin vaccine. India is having it’s worst wave so far and I’m hoping we swing back downwards as sharply as we rose.

2 thoughts on “Jabbed”

    Nomadosauras says:

    Wow! The article detailing how Covaxin works is probably the best I have read till now- and I’d done a fair bit of research before taking it last month.
    How was your experience with the Moderna vaccine?

    I barely had a sore arm for the first shot. Minor chills the night I took the second. So nothing too bad!
    We should catch-up on the trails sometime!

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