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Proud dad lies

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Sloshing water in your mouth, just before you go to bed, helps trigger cleansing receptors that clean your brain off nightmares. Said nobody wise and scientific. But if my five year old trusts it religiously and does it every night, it’s a lie worth telling. Just like contact lenses help see your bones.

Prieto Y Prieta

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A friend led a whisky tasting session last night. The Mexican Prieto Y Prieta was terrific. Even better though was spending some great time with a group of guys with such different backgrounds!

February 3, 2024 04:51

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After last weekends’ hike, I threw my back out doing something super mundane. Had to take a day off work just to let it heal out. Tiny muscles I didn’t know existed were screaming out. If anything, it made me realise how incredibly complex our bodies are and a subtle reminder to strengthen the core.


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Setup a Linkding instance on the Moose for better managing my bookmarks. Not a huge fan of the name but it’s a great lightweight app doing just what it’s built for. The HTTP Shortcuts app on FDroid is a decent partner app to share bookmarks from the phone.

February 3, 2024 04:24

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Replied to Weekly Notes 05/2024 | Thejesh GN by Thejesh GN (

I reached Gokarna/Kumta this evening along with friends. The ride was long but smooth and fun. The BluArmour communication setup among us makes riding together fun. I will write about the ride and gadget later this week. Last Friday, I did my first ride after ~14 years. We went to Lepakshi and Penugonda Fort. It was

Infyblogs and the internal BB were a great place to hang out! Over the last couple decades, haven’t quite  found a thriving network that is anywhere similar to those channels. Thinking of it, my foray into Linux was solely due to InfyLUG! Wonder if they still have those running!