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Some-days, all you need is one terrific discussion or meeting – irrespective of the outcome. Today was that day!

Food Chronicles

With M&S back to MD I’m the Chef de Cuisine full-time. While I love taking on that role, since it gives me extra time to listen to podcasts, it’s been challenging cooking to the taste buds of two octogenarians both quality and quantity wise!

Resurrecting the Lumala

In a freak case of serendipity and perfect coincidence, I got to know earlier this week that my first owned geared bike was still very much standing in dusty glory in my Aunt’s garage. I bought the Lumala back in 2009 and it’s taken me several hundreds of miles on the western ghats. So many…


Hopped in a cab at 04:30 am and head to Animeshs’ to catch-up over a shortish bike ride. Some great off-road mountain biking through the Mrigavani WIldlife Park led us to a lesser known beautiful spot overlooking the Osman Sagar lake. Been a while that I’ve done some good mountain biking and looks like I…