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You can’t tell people anything

So beautifully phrased! Be it social gatherings, team meetings, interviews or even regular discussions; there’s so much ‘lost’ in all forms of human communication! What’s going on is that without some kind of direct experience to use as a touchstone, people don’t have the context that gives them a place in their minds to put…


Took Appa to the Marina this morning. The beach was open but it was a terrible experience. Trash strewn all over, lingering overnight dwellers, and of course open defecation by the shore ..yeah, that still happens! It wasn’t this bad a few years ago. We could then run barefoot on the sand for a good…


Found this 77 year old coin amidst some old papers. Several years ago I also did find a small collection of stamps which I digitized a few years ago. Someone in the family definitely shared this interest in coins and stamps. Oddly, Appa doesn’t recollect saving these!    

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Meena is now a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor! So super duper proud of her. The last year has been rough and being on a different timezone from the rest of the class didn’t help either. Nevertheless, she powered through those classes and we already see her applying her invaluable knowledge for folks within the family.…

Test Post

Testing front-end post publishing. This shouldn’t show-up in the feeds but should show-up under the Micro-posts page