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Fort Lee Run

Todays' morning 7 miler took me over the GWB to Fort Lee. Wonderful surprise right in the backyard! Just a couple of miles from the house, yet it took me about 1.2 years to do this. Wonder why! Interestingly, there were barely any people here 7am in the morning. Probably because of the Weekday? Time… Continue Reading

Depths of darkness

There is something just so mystic about wandering in the darkness and into the woods. The intermittent gusts of chilled wind, the shadows of  the branches meandering round the corner,  the winding trail that leads to yet another destination, the high rising hills exacerbating the vastness of the valley ahead, the rustle of the leaves hinting the plausible… Continue Reading

17 Days.

31st March '10. A few days back, I was mentioning to a friend of mine – Kerala is actually not ‘Gods’ own country’ during summers. Today as I sit by the window of a state transport bus bound towards Ernakulam from Munnar, I take back my statement. The cool gusts of evening breeze from the… Continue Reading

Meeting Paruammai

It's about 04:30Hrs and there's not a single soul or bus in the stand. At about 05:00hrs, a tea vendor rides in on his bicycle. I check with him if there's a direct bus to Pallavur to which he responds in affirmative stating the first one should be leaving at about 05:30hrs. He even obliges… Continue Reading