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Old Rag Mountain Hike

One of those really good hikes! With a total 3000+ ft elevation gain and close to a mile of rock scrambling to the top, this one is set to remain one of my favorites. Garmin Connect GPX

Guyon flats and Tuffy’s Tavern trail

Yet another great day outdoors! We plan on doing more technical and/or longer hikes with Shasta and today was one of those ‘dry-runs’. We were out there in the woods for about 3.5 hours and she did terrific! A decent elevation profile, blended in river-crossing, and of-course wonderful company. With an early start, the 6.5miles…

GPSBabel and Ramblr

Recently, I’ve started using GPSBabel and Ramblr together to better visualize and scout new hikes. GPSBabel is this fabulous tool that lets you combine various gpx files into one and Ramblr lets you plan and chalk out your trips. Both tools obviously have a ton of more features which I should explore at some point…

Oella Mills Loop – Patapsco

With a lean path winding along the Patapsco river, this trail was quite different from the others around in this region. Kids had a great time around in the water just before we closed out the loop and finished the hike. [gallery size="large" ids="8380,8381,8382,8383,8384,8385,8386,8387,8388,8389,8390,8391"] Garmin Connect GPX

Thru Trail – Alberta Road Falls

Gloomy weather, impending rain and breezy forecast – Great way to kick off the weekend with a short hike. Meena didn’t get to see the falls last time we were on this trail. So we decided to head back here with Shasta in the carrier. Made it back home just in time before the thunder-storms…