Meeting Paul | Swinburne

Yesterday morning, we didn’t quite know what was in store for us. Working towards better utilizing our weekends and trying to visit the lesser known areas of New York; Meena found a great deal for a four hour cruise on Groupon. We were supposed to reach Riis Landing in Queens by 02:30pm. A snow storm was predicted later in the day and we weren’t quite sure if the cruise would happen. However with no change in plans reported from the organizers, we left home for the 1.5hr commute to Riis.

But for a couple of missed connections, we were well in time for the cruise. On the way and just before we left Riss landing, we happened to meet quite a few interesting folks from Mercy’s college. Only later would we know that this particular cruise was possible because this online cohort of the teachers college was meeting for an assignment to study the water quality and the American Princess, the team that organizes these tours in the Atlantic was facilitating their work.

Depths of darkness

There is something just so mystic about wandering in the darkness and into the woods. The intermittent gusts of chilled wind, the shadows of  the branches meandering round the corner,  the winding trail that leads to yet another destination, the high rising hills exacerbating the vastness of the valley ahead, the rustle of the leaves hinting the plausible…

The Junglethlon!

The first time I got to hear about the Junglethlon through facebook, I RSVPd blindly considering it to be yet another event and planned to keep it as a backup option. My year end outdoor escapade then was to either ride through Kerala in the second week of December or ride to Araku over the Christmas weekend. Eventually November and December turned out to be pretty hectic, with very little time left to put forth an action plan. With all plans crashing I hesitantly decided to head to Pench for the Junglethlon. Activities abound, days flew by and it was already time for the Pench visit.

The event was for three days starting December 25th. Ram and I had initially decided to reach Nagpur a day in advance and visit the Kanha Wildlife sanctuary. A bit of googling and we realised this plan was not really feasible as Kanha was about 255kms from Nagpur. A day before we depart from Hyderabad, I check with Pradeep on ‘places to visit’ around Nagpur and jot down a couple of locations.