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The Junglethlon!

The first time I got to hear about the Junglethlon through facebook, I RSVPd blindly considering it to be yet another event and planned to keep it as a backup option. My year end outdoor escapade then was to either ride through Kerala in the second week of December or ride to Araku over the… Continue Reading

The Kalsubai Call…

14th Mar ´09 18:15hrs. We´re half way up the first stage and my cell beeps with a message - ´Debi has a fatal fall. Critical. Call ASAP´. Limited network on the hillock just does not allow the call to fall through.  Debashish and a couple of his friends had been to Kerala and were scaling… Continue Reading

Enduro3 – 09

07th Feb.- Saturday 23:25hrs. It's damn chilly out here and every breath you take in brings out just another sore cough. We careen round the corner and happen to sight a couple of lorry drivers gambling on the roadside by the moonlight. Mallik and I park the bikes  and venture ahead to enquire how far… Continue Reading

Borrowed Bones

Thursday at about 10:30hrs, I get a call from Varun informing apologetically that he would have to break from the team. He was warming up for the terse activity that was to happen in the next few days by playing football and happened to sprain his ankle pretty bad. Bed rest for a couple of… Continue Reading

The Bidar ride

03-Jan-08 04:30hrs  - After a quick jog,  as I stand at the APSRTC bus stand in Tarnaka, I'm reminded of the two years I effectively wasted preparing for the IITs. This was the place where my brother and I used to board the bus to reach Vidyanagar for the morning classes. Every day spent trying… Continue Reading

Tour of the Nilgiris

When was the last time you ever got off your seat and hit to the roads? Lost track of all the subtle necessities and requirements of life and spent time just to live the moment; Gave that extra push not just to compete but to work in camaraderie to accomplish a certain goal? Spent moments… Continue Reading

The Ratangad Trek

Around 3:00am in the morning, a cup of hot masala tea by the roadside gives me just the required warmth to keep aloof the frigid weather. As I stare out onto the winding roads ideally focussing nowhere, just another smile spans across with the very thought that I'm not heading back to Hyderabad without accomplishing… Continue Reading

Ananda Valley

Damn! It's a saturday morning and here I am sitting on a cushioned seat of a bus to a place called Ananda Valley for a team outing - A team consisting of only a handful people whom i've interacted with, the rest being from different clusters. The stink sinks deeper when I recollect I've had… Continue Reading