I am a curious, technology and outdoor enthusiast. This portal is my focal node in the Inter-webs. Since 2006, this is where I retreat – to write, document and essentially keep track of various things evolving in my life.


I believe in all things open-source and over time shifted to owning my content in the digital space. Linux is my primary operating system on all machines I own. Powered by docker, I self-host the following tools that I use on a need-to basis.

  • WordPress – Blog
  • PixelFed – Alternative to Instagram
  • Wallabag – Read-later ¬†app
  • Trilium – Hierarchical notes
  • Known – Alternative to Facebook
  • Mastodon – Alternative to Twitter
  • Jitsi – Video conferencing
  • Nextcloud – File share and sync
  • Selfoss – RSS reader

I also manage a few portals for family and friends. If you need help setting any of the above applications, I’d be more than happy to help! Just ping!


I am a currently with USAID with over 13 years of combined experience in Risk Management, Technology and Education; an alumnus of Columbia University, New York and consulting expertise from Willis Towers Watson, Boston and Infosys, India. More on my LinkedIn page.


The best way to reach me is via this site. Send me a message or just reply to one of my posts! I’m reasonably active on the following social media portals:

Srikanth Perinkulam

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