Srikanth Perinkulam CircularI am a Management Consultant with over 12 years of combined experience in Risk Management, Technology and Education; an alumnus of Columbia University, New York and consulting expertise from Willis Towers Watson, Boston and Infosys, India.

While I am not cranking out my grey cells, you’ll find me on one of those trails sweating it out.  I’m extremely passionate about the outdoors and never miss an opportunity to Backpack, venture out on long Bicycle rides, explore new places on long hikes or just travel when time permits. To put it short, I enjoy doing anything that gets me off the chair, off the computer and gets me out there in the wilderness.

Early 2007, I wrote my first post. Things were pretty nascent then and I really loved the idea of writing. Besides serving as a source to record important events, writing to a blog also gave me an opportunity to explore amazing platforms that fueled the technical side of me. Over the next couple of years, I moved the blog to my personal domain. Since then, this site has served as a log of all the activities that I’ve been involved in, am currently pursuing and those that I plan to enact soon. I plan to keep it as a reference and if I could say, a check back application that would keep reminding me of things that are to be done or accomplished both on the professional and personal front.

If you’ve been reading this far, first off – Thank you! Do take a couple of minutes to put in your comments right down here or feel free to send me an note via the contact form. I’ll try best implementing them if they’re in-line to what I think this site stands for. Thanks again  for dropping by and I hope while you are here, you do have a good time!

Srikanth Perinkulam