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Took the day off last Friday and hit the coast after the regular early morning Ashtanga class. Last years rain-check for the whale watching got us pretty lucky. Sighted around 6 to 7 whales at Stellwagen bank, 31 miles off the coast from Gloucester. A couple of them got up close (and not so personal) to the boat. These Humpbacks were pretty sober. Not much breaching, but they did flaunt their flukes! First in-person sighting and I’m psyched. Water has always fascinated me and with the Scuba diving a few years back, I’ve learnt to appreciate the depths a lot more.

Later that afternoon, spent a few hours at the Good Harbor beach. Water was much warmer than expected but pretty calm, possibly due to low tide. Hiked up a small hill right by the beach for a real nice view of the ocean. Absolutely no Greenheads. Crane beach still trumps!

Some delicious dinner at a friends place and we head back home. So glad I decided to take the day off.

Also time to add Blue Mind to my reading list.

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