7 and 5

7 years of togetherness. Thanks for everything you do every single moment. You complete us, Miss Me!

[x] Coffee date at Esspresso Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Decent stuff but no vegan options. Probably will not go back here again.
[x] Volunteered at the VT100, an altogether different experience
[x] Suresh paced someone for the first time and did a 14miler, So proud!
[x] Helped fix the van’s flat tire. Coincidence?
[x] Fabulous drive back home. Fog, Mist, Sunrise, mountains, clear roads and music…Should have stopped and got a few pictures..
[x] Missed the Ashtanga practice by 8 minutes – Was already zapped though
[x] Coffee @ Cafe Flora – Pinball machine by some artistic wood tables – Will be back here sometime soon.
[x] Breakfast at Veggie Galaxy with Suresh. LOVE these relaxed morning eat-outs.
[x] Ayurveda training
[x] Appa’s FB post fires up some heavy commenting!