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No morning blues!

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Decided to come over to Florida for the long weekend. On of those slightly impromptu plans. This visit was long overdue. Been here at Aparna’s place a few time before over the last five years. But then it’s mostly been for a celebration or event, when the family is already pre-occupied with arrangements and everything that comes with having people over. This trip was just to spend some time with them when everyone has some ‘down-time’. It’s already been three days’ in and we’d have to head back tomorrow. At times you just wished you lived closer and/or together.

Went to Silver Springs State ParkΒ for some Kayaking with Raaghav and Divyaa. Ended up doing two loops (about 5ish miles) of the Fort King Paddling trail downstream and the Silver river upstream for about two hours. These springs had some mesmerizing crystal clear water! Once back home I crashed on the couch only to wake up after a sound sleep few hours later.

Yesterday we drove over to Daytona and Ormond Beach. Just about an hour from home. Pretty foggy weather as we drove into the city which eventually cleared out in a bit. Dhruv absolutely enjoyed playing around on the sand. Lunch at Mille’s and we head back home later in the evening. Quite some traffic right outside Daytona racetrack thanks to Daytona500.

Early today morning Divyaa joined us for another kayaking bout in Rainbow Springs. Today’s two hour session was much more demanding. Maneuvering the kayak in the waters was pretty taxing upstream. Let’s call that painful fun! I’d probably rate this second to the Silver springs experience. From here we head to Sholom Park for a nice stroll and head back home.

Tomorrow we head back to the colder frontiers!

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