Letting go

Close to three months since I was introduced to Uttitha Hastha Padangusthasana and I still find this asana pretty challenging. This Wednesday’s practice was tremendously draining. Spent close to five minutes just trying to focus and balance, but it just didn’t flow through. Back home that night, I sought Miss Me to figure out why I was failing miserably at this particular asana. She walked over and watched me struggling to balance and in her zen mode suggested, I just look straight ahead (without paying any attention to the leg or the toe) and lift the leg by the toe till my hamstrings allowed and then firm up the other leg to balance. That worked right in the first attempt!!

Subconsciously, I’ve been unnecessarily stressing out on this one asana for this long for no reason! Now that I’ve gained more control by essentially letting go, today’s practice felt much more relaxed and rejuvenating. This December 12th, it would be six months since we started our Ashtanga practice. From being very skeptical, I’ve come to a point where I’m thoroughly enjoying the practice. And we’re not yet finished with the basic sequence! :claps:



Today’s ashtanga practice was insanely powerful. At the end of the first set of the standing pose, I felt like a dark cloud just about letting go of its huge water droplets and by the end of the second set I was a completely wet noodle.

Not quite sure if it was the temperature in the room or just the internal heat from the body. What I do know is, I’m slowly but surely getting better in being in the moment and able to focus better on my asana and breath work.

Today’s practice was for close to an hour. As we add more asanas and sequences, we may have to come in earlier in the morning to finish by 7.



Moved on to Prasarita Padottanasana A, B, C, D and Parsvottanasana to close out the fundamental positions this week. Remembering the sequence in tandem with the breath flow and stabilizing the body posture is a task! Every time I feel I’ve learnt one vinyasa well, I end up faltering on another. No wonder it’s recommended that you practice it daily!


Progress and cold habits

5 reps of Sun salutations A, 8 reps of Sun salutation B, 2 reps each of Padangusthasana, Padahasthasana, Uthita Trikonanasa and Parivrita Trikonasana leading into Uthita Parshvakonasana and Parivrita Parshvakonasana and finally closing out with the three seated poses – Yoga mudra,Padmasana,Utplutih and Shavasana. Took close to an hour for the whole session.

On a related note, slowly transitioning to taking cold water showers everyday. Discussions with David at the TARC Camp earlier this month and reading What doesn’t kill us have nudged me to get back to my old habits which I conveniently gave up when I moved to the US four years ago. I’ll have to revisit this once temps go way down south but for now I’m more than happy sticking to it!