7 and 5

7 years of togetherness. Thanks for everything you do every single moment. You complete us, Miss Me!

[x] Coffee date at Esspresso Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Decent stuff but no vegan options. Probably will not go back here again.
[x] Volunteered at the VT100, an altogether different experience
[x] Suresh paced someone for the first time and did a 14miler, So proud!
[x] Helped fix the van’s flat tire. Coincidence?
[x] Fabulous drive back home. Fog, Mist, Sunrise, mountains, clear roads and music…Should have stopped and got a few pictures..
[x] Missed the Ashtanga practice by 8 minutes – Was already zapped though
[x] Coffee @ Cafe Flora – Pinball machine by some artistic wood tables – Will be back here sometime soon.
[x] Breakfast at Veggie Galaxy with Suresh. LOVE these relaxed morning eat-outs.
[x] Ayurveda training
[x] Appa’s FB post fires up some heavy commenting!


Took the oath this July 4th. With Miss Me’s birthday falling on the same day and the event by itself being on July 4th, this one is going to be pretty symbolic and memorable.

Thinking deeply, I’ve let go of something I’ve been associated with for the last 30 odd years. All within a few weeks, my identity has switched (officially). It probably is going to take a few months for this to sink in. For now, its more paperwork for surrendering my Indian citizenship and securing the OCI/PIO status.