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Are we there yet?

After a good early morning yoga workout, took the kids out for a 8 mile hike on the Skyline trail in the Fells. Half way through they were totally spent. Nevertheless, made it back to the parking lot in about 5.5 hours. This was their longest trail hike ever and I’m so proud they endured it pretty well!

Later in the evening, we took them out to 47 Metres down. The girls were literally sinking into their seats in fear. The boys were pretty neutral. Divs spilled a good portion of her iced coke on me. The hike was the toughest on her and I believe she was being vengeful for what I made her go through earlier in the day :).

Signs by the Fellsline

Not quite sure what this formation means. Spotted when I took a quick break to stretch out and ease out my shins. Frigid and blowing winds made the 10F feel much much colder. Sprinted over for some cover pretty quickly. #MiddlesexTales #Skyline

Middlesex 17 miler

A good 5 hours out in the woods. Terribly underestimated the skyline trail. Quite a few foot slips and ankle twists made it more of a hike than a run. Also looks like my body is ‘reacting’ to the¬†weekday runs. Badly needed some tummilicious food at mile 13. Note to self for future runs!

Finally got around visiting the Wrights tower! Despite visiting the fells several times over the last few years, I’ve never really ‘made it’ to this section of the trail. The tower by itself is nothing impressive but it does have some interesting history. Ice from here was apparently exported to India way back in the 1800s when Middlesex fells was a commercial plot. The tower gets it’s name from Elizur Wright who was instrumental in converting the erstwhile commercial land to what is now called the Middlesex Fells reservation.

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